Review made my way through the museum. It seemed

Review of the Coventry Transport Museum

Although I have never been very
interested in vehicles, the exquisitely maintained age-old cars, antique bikes
and historic buses exhibited at Coventry
Transport Museum converted me to being a petrolhead.

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As I travelled around the
exhibitions the vehicles evolved from ancient horses and carriages to
futuristic prototypes of supercars, with a notable example being a car that had
been designed by Jaguar.

Both the appearance and quality of
the vehicles had improved over decades and the transition through different
time periods became evident through the transformation of the vehicles as I made
my way through the museum. It seemed almost impossible that the Victorians were
able to ride the penny farthing because of the gigantic enormity of the wheel.
Modern day super bikes were designed to the tiniest detail, the improvement of
these vehicles was displayed faultlessly at the museum.

Participating in the interactive features
at the Coventry Transport Museum allowed me to become more involved in learning
about the different types of transport, rather than just observing and reading
about the vehicles. Arguably, this may appeal to younger children, but the ease
of use of the activities suggests that they are accessible to all ages. Plaques
accompanying each of the vehicles usefully stated the names, dates, locations
of manufacture as well as explaining the reasons for the vehicles being built.

Due to the sheer size of the
museum, visitors will remain interested in their surroundings. From horses and
carriages to modern motor cars, the array of vehicles makes it a key
destination to visit when in Coventry, Specifically, the history of bicycle
development was interesting, as were the classic cars which were simply

While the Transport Museum
showcased the development of vehicles, which is likely to have attracted an
older audience, there were also other exhibits specifically designed to engage
children. Examples include coin operated rides such as the Brum artificially
intelligent, self-driven car and a Punch and Judy puppet show booth.

Overall, the Coventry Transport
Museum is a fascinating place to visit for all audiences, especially for families
and schools. Attractions within the museum are highly interesting, coupled with
the fact that local transport, such as buses and taxis are located near to the
museum, thereby making it easily accessible for different audiences. As well as
the fact that admission to the museum is free alongside its location in the
City Centre which means that restaurants, pubs and other attractions are nearby
which can be visited in turn.