Research this balance is attained by the employees, the

Research Proposal

1.     Proposed Research Topic

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Is it necessary to motivate the employees of an organization?

The research question will talk about how motivation in any
organization will have a negative or positive impact on its employees and how
it will help them work in a better manner.


In this project,
a research will be done to explore
how the motivation of employees
is obligatory to get the
desired results for an organization.

This topic has been chosen for the research because there is a
belief that the paramount aspect which leads to a better performance of an
organization is the motivation of employees. Moreover, employees that are
motivated, lead to increased level of productivity and output for an

Reason for the Topic

The motivation of employees is very important for any organization
because of the benefits that it brings with it. Employees who believe the
management and they understand that they are perceived as a whole person and
not just as an employee, are said to be more productive, satisfied, fulfilled
and bring better results.

Employees that are motivated in a workplace, act as assets
to the managers of that organization.
The two major ways in which motivated employees help managers are:

·     Increased employee commitment

When managers motivate employees to work, employees put their best
to fulfill the assigned tasks.

employee efficiency

The skills, qualifications or abilities cannot
be the only basis to measure an employee’s level of efficiency. To
attain the desired goals, the organization needs to motivate employees and make
sure that they establish a balance between the willingness to complete the
assigned task and the ability to perform it. If
this balance is attained by the employees, the managers will see a
significant increase in productivity and improved efficiency.


Research indicates that various
factors like personality, self-efficiency, etc. are kept in consideration while
selecting a candidate for the post of an organizational leader but, the most
important factor that is kept in mind is the extent to which the employee is
motivated and willing to take lead. Moreover, motivation to become a leader is
also dependent on the environment of the workplace. A positive workplace is one
of the most basic elements to motivate employees to take the lead. (Karakowsky
& Guriel, 2015)

The results of the research show
that employee efficiency is directly proportional to the motivation of the
employees. Employees who have job security, training and participation
opportunities are more efficient in decision making. The motivational tools used
by the management to motivate employees encourages increased efforts among the
employees to achieve the goals of the organization. (Milicevic, 2014)

Based on the research, it can be
understood that there are different motivators to motivate the employees in an
organization, but the most critical motivator is ‘pay’. It is not necessary
that it holds equal importance for all the employees working in an
organization. But, on an average, pay is the most effective motivator used by
the management to motivate employees. (Porter, Riesenmy & Fields, 2016)

The research highlights the
importance of money to motivate employees. But it also explains how the level
of production of an employee be directly proportional to his/her ‘pay’. (Rynes,
Gerhart & Minette, 2004)



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