Report in the field of Graphic Design as this

Report for Consultation of Mr.Sooleman

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ESOL 200- Workplace Writing Skills

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January 20, 2018



Description of Need:

Mr. Sooleman Roheemun after briefly going through your client profile. I have some recommendations for you regarding your experience in Graphic Design Field. As you stated that you have a desire to own a Graphic Design Company in Canada after graduating the 3 years Advanced Diploma course of Graphic Design in Humber College.


Summary Recommendation:

            I would recommend you to first have some hands on experience in the field of Graphic Design as this will give you a chance to advance your skills and increase your contacts in the industry of Graphic Design. After reviewing your profile and discussing with you, getting an internship would be the best way possible to get started with your career in the required field. This could be an easy process if you apply in Humber College for an internship as you are already enrolled in the college.



            I did an interview with you and made a client profile listing your information, education, experience and needs. I did an evaluation of your client profile and came to conclusion that you should apply for an internship in Humber College. Internship are not only a way of gaining experience but also establishing contacts and connections in your field. According to your education you are currently enrolled in Humber College as a student in the Graphic Design Advanced Diploma Program which offers you an internship during the month following the last summer of study. I have looked into the facilities provide by the faculty advisors in helping the students get the work placements. The faculty will provide you with tips and techniques, help in making resume, and help with the interview questions. The work placement will get your feet wet giving you the knowledge and experience in the career you desired to take forward. I went through few articles stating that an internship gives you knowledge, skill, experience and chance to be sure if you want to continue the same field in future.





1. Employers post their job postings at


2. Students select the job post that interests them and contact the employer directly


3. Employer and student will negotiate the work plan, including payment, scope, etc.


4. Employers must provide mentorship and participate in a structured evaluation process


5. Clerical duties cannot exceed 20% of the internship experience


6. Compensation is recommended, but not mandatory


7. Humber and employer create a contract outlining specific requirements





Graphic Design Advanced Diploma



3 Years Advanced Diploma



Students get the chance to research with the design industry and take advantage of the opportunity to market themselves to the employers.


Career Opportunity

It gives an overview of the industry and design sector. It gives give you the skills and knowledge to start your own business in your area of expertise.



·       Summer
·       Fall
·       Winter


Colleges and Universities

·       Humber College


Credential Points

 Ontario Graduate Advanced Diploma


The Table given above, shows you the detailed information of the course you are taking and also gives you an additional information about the internship you are suggested to take after the completion of the course.

Analysis and Discussion

            The best way to get knowledge, skill and experience is to get an internship. Work placement will give you an opportunity to explore different areas of your desired field and provide you with industry based knowledge. It will likewise allow you to take an interest in rivalries, activity given by the businesses and will put your plan abilities to test. Regular cooperation with your manager and associates will allow you to have a true ordeal. This will enable you to get enough contacts and associations for what’s to come. Hence, applying for work position at Humber College would be of incredibly preferred standpoint as you will have the capacity to examine and apply for work from a similar school making it simple for you to get assistance from the consultants.




            For applying to the internship in Humber College you would need to go to the faculty advisor and ask for the internship requirements. You would need your grade transcript and if you are an international student you will need to apply for work permit from the international student center.           

Reasons for the Recommendation

The reasons why I recommended you to apply for an internship in Humber College:-

1.     Internship will provide you with skill, knowledge and experience.

2.     It will help you make contact and connection in the industry.

3.     It will help you to work both individually and within a team.

4.     It would give you an opportunity to take a step forward in your field.

5.     You don’t have to pay to apply for jobs through your college.

6.     It will give you a real word exposure before starting your own business. As you will be aware of loss and profit of this industry.

7.     Also applying for internship through Humber College will be easy with help of the faculty advisors.

8.     Moreover, as you are already enrolled with the college you will have all the facilities. Than applying for the job on your own.



            Internship is the best way to get a step ahead into your field. This will make you confident, test your skill, demonstrate your talent and most importantly help you get knowledge to startup your own business in future.


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