Realize their clients have a medical insurance. There are

Realize the
Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Process Outsourcing (Bob Kruse).

Advantages & Disadvantages of
working in BPO industries (Prasanta Bora,2008). The aim of the current study
was to present to those people who want to apply in a BPO company. The study
wants to explain what will happen if you are in the field as a call center
agent and what are the purpose of a company towards their clients somehow there
will be an advantages and disadvantages in BPO companies.

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In our
generation today, there’s a lot of BPO Companies worldwide. There’s a lot of
opportunity to get a job as a call center agent. To apply as call center agent,
you don’t need a diploma or any college degree to be with that job as long as
you know how to deal with any kinds of customers you will be able to enter that
kind of job. Most of BPO companies has many benefits for their clients which a
great opportunity to grab of a simple call center employee.
The study is entitled “The advantages and disadvantages of BPO companies”.
This study may help some people who is planning to apply a job as a call center
agent in a particular company. The group decided research this topic to help
those people who want to apply in BPO company so that they may have a knowledge
of what will be the background or the goal of BPO company to every employee.

companies is one of the latest booming industry worldwide. They can accommodate
a thousand of agents in one country so it’s a big help for those people who
didn’t finished their studies as well. There are many advantage in BPO company.
BPO companies offer a good salary this is much higher than individuals working
in most other traditional professions like Government jobs, construction sites,
clerks etc. there is no doubt that money is very important these days. To
qualified as a call center agent, you only need is to be fluent in English, the
company don’t need your diploma either. As the BPO company offer a good salary
you don’t need to go abroad to earn much money to be fed in your families
instead you can stay on your own country and find a good work. In BPO companies
their clients have a medical insurance.

There are also disadvantages in the
BPO companies. All BPO companies has an odd working hour where clients need to
work on it somehow odd hours are the best time to spend quality time with your
family. somehow, being a call center employee can be lonely and frustrating at
As a company also, its cannot prevent an unexpected technical error in
particular building however, they should always a maintenance in the building.
If you are the employee of BPO company you cannot avoid in health issues some
of the clients may have sleep disorders, eyesight problems and depression this
are few issues surround at the call center jobs.

to Bob Kruse, BPO is great option for organizations looking to streamline
business processes and increase productivity and profit. Business risks alleviation
is one of the key advantages of BPO services. Since BPO companies are
specialized in the field, they can perform outsourced work in quick turnaround
times at affordable rates. A single BPO company may associate with multiple
organizations at a time. Consequently, providers cannot concentrate
comprehensively on assigned task. This will lead to slow turnaround times, poor
quality and sluggish issue settlement.