Rampal that this plant can cause severe damage to

Rampal Power
Plant which has become a recent controversial  issue in Bangladesh , is a proposed coal based
power plant project . To fulfill the demand of the energy of the country , Bangladesh
government has launched this power plant project. This is a joint agreement
project between Bangladesh Government (Bangladesh Power Development Board ) and
India’s State Run Electricity Generation Company (National Thermal Power
Company) . When the decision was announced that this power plant will be beside
the mangrove forest Sundarban, this had raised a big movement against the

For Rampal
Power Plant Bangladesh Government has chosen the land in Satmari-Katakhali and
Koigordashkathi area of Lubachhora under Rampal upazila of Bagerhat district ,
Khulna . The power plant will be 1320 MW 
coal fired power plant . For this project it has been acquired about
1834 acres of land. But reality is only 86 acres of lands are kash land . Rest
lands are being used for rice and fish cultivation by land owners  . So it is a point to be considered whether
this project is useful or harmful . Again main point is it will be built beside
Sundarban .

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From the
beginning of the proposal of the plant many organizations , environmentalists
have raised their voice against it. The reason is that this plant can cause
severe damage to the environment of that area and people living there. Specialists
say that a typical 500 MW coal fired power plant can create more than 125,000
tons of ash and 193,000 tons of sludge . So it is approximated that this power
plant will burn 4.75 million tons of coal and ultimately can produce 0.3
million tons of ashes  and 0.5 million
tons of sludge . It is clear that there is huge possibility of environmental
damage . During the four and half years of construction of the plant , many harmful
incident can be happened like excessive carriers on the rivers , clearance of
forests , leaked oil , sound and light pollution and disposal of wastes . It
should be kept in mind that these very harmful for our Sundarban , world
heritage site declared by UNESCO . Again the passur river will be used as
transportation medium definitely . Hence the plants and animal living on this
river will be effected . Again acid rains
and inhabitants lungs diseases can be caused by the by the sulphur and nitrogen
gases produced from the plant . Obviously there are possibilities that power
plant can emit wastes like small particles of burned coal , and many
dangerous  elements like Arsenic , sands
or other metallic particles . These can cause a severe damage to heart , lungs
and even cancer . So finally the surrounding areas of Rampal will be affected .

As this mega plant project can have a
great impact on the environment negatively , many environment specialist have express
their decisions against this . Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA ) , Department
of Environment (DoE)  and many other
organizations have expressed great concern against this . Even recently UNESCO
also declared their opinion against this project beside Sundarban considering risk
of health and environment .  Finally many
environmentalists are worried the negative of Rampal Power Plant . But
Government has expressed their opinion by saying that the impact of  this plant will not be severe that it can
cause a serious damage to environment . Again it is better option to mess up
with the challenge of increasing demand of the energy of the country .


Hence it should be remembered that if
this plant cause serious situation of environment , then ultimate result will
be horrible . Decision should be taken considering every point deeply . At last
we can hope that Government will take this ultimate effect seriously and best
result will be come which will be good for our country .