Preservation! cost is about $40,000. This doesn’t even include

Preservation! Many people go on with their lives without thinking
about the cost behind the electricity that is entangled into our day to day
activities. To be more specific, I’m talking about the use of non-renewable
resources. Individuals are ill-informed of the impacts that non-renewable resources
have on the environment. Renewable resources on the other hand, have less
impact on the environment. The three resources that my town will use are solar
energy, wind energy, and biomass. The factors I have taken into account for my
town’s energy needs are efficiency, and the availability of these methods.


            The first
method of energy production that I chose was solar energy. Solar energy is
derived from energy conversion inside solar panels. I chose this energy type
because solar energy is easily renewable. One advantage of solar energy, is
that it is a good, clean energy alternative for fossil fuels. Another advantage
of solar energy is that there is no waste production. You don’t need to throw
anything afterwards because it’s just the conversion of solar cells. On the
other hand, there are disadvantages that come with using this resource. This
includes the cost of storage and the fact that this form of energy is weather
dependent. As you know, the sun does not shine 24/7 due to night time and the
different weather phases. In order to keep up with the demand for electricity,
solar panels must always have stored energy.

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            The second
method of energy production that I chose was wind energy. It is formed from the
conversion of air movement to electricity. I chose this energy resource because
wind doesn’t contribute to pollution. Two advantages of wind energy are that
wind energy is free, and the harvesting of this energy does not affect cycles. A
downside to choosing wind energy is that technology is extremely expensive. A 10 kW wind turbine costs about
$48,000 – 65,000 to install and the equipment cost is about $40,000. This doesn’t even include shipping
and installation. The cost of wind farms could be millions upon millions of
dollars. Two more disadvantages of wind turbines are the noise that they
create, and the aesthetical impact. Wind farms are known to create lots of
noise, and this could lead to issues in nearby communities. Many people also
state that wind turbines ruin the aesthetical impact and block views.


            The third and final
energy source that I have chosen is biomass. Biomass is formed from organic
matter. I chose biomass as one of my energy resources because biomass helps
decrease pollution in the community. An advantage of biomass is that biomass
reduces waste in landfills because the organic matter that normally would end
up in landfills, would instead be converted into fuel. Biomass can be converted
into fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. One risk associated with biomass is
the increase in methane gas. The bacteria in manure are responsible for the
creation of this explosive gas that displaces oxygen. The final risk involved
with biomass is deforestation. According
to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, every 1 percent increase in biomass
electricity production requires an 18 percent increase in U.S. forest harvest


            The three energy resources that I
have chosen are solar energy, wind energy, and biomass. I chose these energy
resources and no other available energy resources because they are the cleanest
options, I did not want to use fossil fuels, and they have the little impact on
the environment. I predict that environmental groups would be happy that I am
making an effort to reduce pollution. I anticipate that consumers would have an
issue with the high costs associated with these forms of energy. Lastly, I expect
the general public to be displeased with the amount of solar panels, biomass
factories, and wind farms located throughout the town.