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Position paperDelegate name: Hadi ArslanCountry: Bangladesh Committee: World health Organization Topic: Mitigation of climate change on public health For more than two centuries since the dawn of the industrial revolution, climate change has now become part of one of the most challenging problem faced by all countries especially the South Asian countries Like Bangladesh. Studies show that if the green house gas continues to be released then in parts of the lower atmosphere of the earth then the average temperature could elevate up to 4 degrees Celsius by the break of 21 century which will drastically affect the way how all life in the countries would live and how many would die. Bangladesh, as a country has fought against many challenges related to climate change, such as droughts, floods, flash floods, salinity intrusion, cyclones etc. Now it’s affected 36 million lives in Bangladesh. There are several impacts of climate change on the people’s health. The floods have not only destroyed  homes its also resulted in people drowning as they are unable to swim, some people are now even disabled and cannot even work anymore (one must have lost their arms and so they are unable to do various jobs). Because of the loss of the people’s homes then people go into depression as they have no more shelter and some of the people whose jobs depend on land (eg: farmers who grow crops on land lose their land are then unable to make more profit.) . Because of an elevation in water borne disease such as malaria and dengue it has resulted in the increase of public health.  The government of Bangladesh was and is aware of the climate change affecting the people’s lives and so they have taken actions to stop this challenge.• The government has now set up training Centre on climate change and health. • Now that she has set up an awareness on billboards and other forms through which the people can be aware about such as through newspapers, television ads, etc.• The government have also made all the schools have a health program which includes the  enhancing of knowledge about Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and all the other typesTests show that the average rainfall will increase about 20 mm or more and it’s is estimated  that the increase would happen every ten days.  The risk can be decreased if we stop releasing carbon. The droughts can increase from 70 days to 85 days. It is estimated that 7 million people will be affected, it is also estimated that over 150 million people will be infected by malaria. But if carbon emissions reduce than 50 million lives would be saved. Stats show that there will be labor work decrease if the temperature rises 4 degrees Celsius and especially the hard labor workers. If we apply our strategies now then there will be a huge challenge that we will overcome as we not only save millions of lives but also save our Economy from going down as the labor work has been saved.