Pharmacy pharmacist. My other sister is currently in nursing

Pharmacy is a professional field that holds a doctorate degree. The most interesting thing about the pharmacy field is the different kinds of opportunities available. My first exposure to a medical profession was me watching my mom dispensing medicine to her patients and helping to find the right medicine for her patients at her local pharmacy drug store in Imo State, Nigeria. My mom was a nurse and due to the national standards of medicine in Nigeria back in the days,  my mom was able to own her local drug store. We are seven in number in my family. My eldest sister graduated from the nursing program and worked as a nurse for four years in the United States and later went back to school for pharmacy at the University of Notre Dame. She is now a pharmacist. My other sister is currently in nursing school and my brother graduated from Coppin State University and obtained a bachelors degree in criminal justice. As the last born of the family, I have learned to look up to my older siblings in making choices and decisions.

My mom’s job back home in Nigeria and my sister’s career as a pharmacist, has been an aspiring and directing ambition towards me in choosing a career in pharmacy. I have always wonder if my mom’s local drug store could ever grow or have certified pharmacist working in her store to significantly aid to the quality of treatment and care the people get from the medicine. These thoughts have shaped and guided me from childhood up to date in aspiring me into the pharmacy profession. In the medical field, it is essential for the professional individuals to allow what they do to become a part of them. My hope of becoming a medical professional have significantly changed my life in a meaningful way; such as taking the pre-requisite science classes in college and doing a nursing assistant certification program which enabled me to work in the medical environment as a nurse aid. Through this program, I have experienced many nurses ordering medicine from the pharmacy for patients.

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I have lived my life administering help to the people that mainly need it in a way to improve their health and overall well being. I believe that this behavior has become a part of me. When I visit a  pharmacy store, I imagine myself as a pharmacist taking care of my patient in a very meaningful and professional way. It would be in my best interest to be part of this team that vigorously take part in administering treatment to the patient with incredible care.

I have lived in America for about 5 years. Within the last three years, I was able to manage to take my pre-requisite classes as well as working in the nursing home. My two to three years of pre-pharmacy studies have been tremendously interesting and of course, challenging as well. Sometimes I wonder how wonderful and effective the human body and its chemical make up are.

 My experience working in a nursing home with nurses and doctors have significantly helped enhance my work ethics in helping people positively. My pre-This will inevitably help me in pursuing my career in the pharmacy field.