Personal Computer Engineering. I cherished the opportunity since I

Personal StatementMSc Computer Science, Oxford In my childhood, I preferred reading books lying on my bed before I went to sleep, which troubled me a little bit that I had to get up to turn off the light later. Over years, it kept me to ponder, trying to seek a solution to dousing the glim automatically. Through immersing myself in books and searching for information in science, I got a chance to know the concept of intelligent control and embedded development, which could help me with my confusion. That was the first time that I had the enthusiasm for science and it seemed that single chip could control everything that satisfied people’s need to the maximum extent, which was greatly convenient for people’s life. From then on, the seed of pursuing further study in engineering had planted in my heart.  My dream came true in 2004 when I got admitted into college and commenced on my undergraduate study in Mechanical Engineering and Automation. After several years of learning and conducting researches, I rediscovered myself and found the field intrigued me most that I would love to engross myself in, computer.  With the passion and perseverance, I embarked on learning master program at National University of Singapore (NUS), majoring in Computer Engineering. I cherished the opportunity since I had the privilege to learn my favorite major and had access to frontier technology through attending courses such as Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Magnetic Recording Technology, Machine Vision and so on. Meanwhile, taking part in scientific researches helped me to reinforce knowledge in my major. Through the project named Pattern Recognition, I utilized algorithms such as K-NN, PCA and LDA, in order to implement the classifying function and successfully categorized fifty different people from thousands and thousands of images, using the technology of face recognition. In a research course of Neural Networks, I managed to use a universal approximation algorithm in image processing. Hard working and unremitting attitude made me received a government grant and achieved good grades in NUS. Different subject projects exercised my ability of programming, analysis and problem solving skills, and at the same time made me more aware of my love for computer field and strengthened my determination to continue to make efforts in the field. After graduation, I chose to be a developer in my initial stage of career without hesitation. Over the past five years, as a developer focusing on the area of web and mobile solution, to provide solutions using TensorFlow and Deep Learning, I had already accumulated invaluable work experience in the industry. I met Peter by chance at the end of 2016, and he worked on IoT and artificial intelligence for many years, owning rich experience as well. While chatting, we hit it off straight away and decided to work together on a Resource AI project. AI technology is fully utilized in the project to achieve the dispatch and allocation of human resources. At the June of 2017, I was lucky to launch my own company, Creative Soft, aiming to serve the software market in Singapore, which realized my desire to start my own business. I tried to apply the knowledge I attained in school and the experience I grasped over the years to my career and during the process of it, I learned that technology was of great importance and value to the IT industry.  As the saying goes, genuine knowledge comes from practice and I couldn’t agree more. For me, engaging in as many as researches and work related to computer science helped me to increase the understanding of the diverse aspects of technology in the field. And, more importantly, I was surprised by the rapid development of computer science, also made me realize that it is the engine of modern science and technology innovation, it is in a rapid speed of development and changing our world. Meanwhile, it reminded me that I must keep up with the times, keep curiosity, constantly enrich my knowledge and improve my skills, in order to establish a firm foothold and have a successful future, and thus I decided to further my study abroad. UK is a place that has centuries-old histories and also is full of creativity and vitality. British universities have rich academic background and nearly one thousand years of cultural precipitation, the pursuit of innovation and self-realization as well. Students studying in the UK will get a large number of cutting-edge knowledge that goes far beyond books. With a long history and profound culture, University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities in English world, which owns top-notch academic research institutions and has already trained countless outstanding scientists who have made great contributions for the progress of society. I believe that a school with such academic strength is extremely attractive to any students, and is also my dream destination for study. Interest is the best teacher for everyone, which motivates people to learn and devote more energy to research, making him or her enjoy the feeling in it as well. After years’ study and work, I have realized that computer science is being used extensively in such a diverse range of places, and I would love to play a part in advancing the already thriving computer industry. With the keen interest in your master program of Computer Science, rich reserve of knowledge that I’ve acquired, solid work experience in the IT field, innovative spirit and courage to practice, I’m pretty sure that I’m the qualified applicant.  Under the cultivation of your dense academic atmosphere and strong faculty, I hope I can deepen my study and research in computer science, from traditional IT technology to the cutting-edge technology. In the future, I am longing to continue to work in the field of computer science in a research institution or a school, applying all new technologies that I have obtained to the company I founded as well. I will give my ability into full play at a bigger stage and realize my greater self-worth through transforming my innovative research achievements into market application. And with a heart craving for advanced knowledge, strong curiosity about everything new, I have confidence to complete it successfully.  I do hope the abilities and experience I have attained will attract your attention and help you to make your positive decision about my application. Finally, thank you for your time and kind consideration.