Paternalism a few negative results when the law is

Paternalism is a theory or an act where an individual and/or a government undermines or limits another individual or a certain group/state autonomy. As a result, paternalism diminishes the will of the people to do good. On the other hand, paternalism propagates superiority which is meant to correct or warn against certain habits or an act. For example, a parent could invoke the theory when correcting or guiding his/her children.Indeed paternalism does limit the people right to autonomy, but if we consider the theory of paternalism as a single descriptive subject, the act is not entirely wrong. For example, if the government through roads safety authorities implement a law that each passenger should put on a safety belt and it is mandatory, then, we realize that paternalism rule has been used to safeguard the lives of the passengers despite the fact that the passenger didn’t have a vote on it. In this case, I would say paternalism is well justified and right.The concept of greater good is very well manifested in the paternalism theorem. Well, there are a few negative results when the law is used. From my point of view, I would suggest that all cigarettes manufacturing companies should be shut down. Yes, the employees of the company would lose their jobs, the taxes to the government would decrease. But, on the bright side, the society would have avoided the most dangerous and life-threatening diseases brought about by tobacco consumption. Some of this diseases are incurable a perfect example is the lung and throat cancer. So, yes, paternalism is an effective answer to most pressing ethical issues in the society today.Paternalism should be affected by a body that is human rights sensitive as well as the Will to take an extra step to safeguard the lives of this human.ConclusionPaternalism is good when used in a way that protects the human lives as well as the rights. At a certain point, superiority is the best method to curb a problem in the society. If analyzed deeply, paternalism is there to protect the poor and weak from being used by the well-off, protect the children from abuses. Indeed, paternalism when used in the correct manner is the answer to the ethical issues that the society is facing today.