Part about sexuality. I have always thought the biggest

Part 1

name is Yordanos Amare and I’m a sophomore in Columbian. Originally, I was born
and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and recently moved to Washington, DC to
pursue my goals and attend college. I plan to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science
degree in Statistics with a minor in Public Health. Initially entering GW as a
Biology student, I soon realized after taking an advanced level statistics
course that statistics better fit my career goals in medical research and
public health. My perspective on life, things that always have been meaningful
to me are building good relationships, accepting failure but continuing to
never give up, and to never stop learning. Ultimately, I plan to thrive in
whatever makes me happy regardless of what I choose to do. I want to be
satisfied with my decisions, to be able to accept and forgive, and lastly to be
able to live up to the expectations I have for myself.

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thoughts of human sexuality are the experiences of the social life of humans,
constructed by social norms, and assumed rules of behavior. Throughout history
and from the early years, views on sexuality have changed. Although, I believe
each society have different norms about sexuality. I have always thought the biggest
effect of these norms result from an early age by our families, peers, media,
religion, and especially at schools. Based on our current society, as
technology continues to advance, the messages the children are taught in
schools about sex and their relationships with their peers are both an
essential role in who they grow into and express themselves. For myself, as the
youngest children of Ethiopian immigrants, my parents strictly raised my sister
and I with traditional and cultural Ethiopian norms. Because both of my parents
were raised with a strong religious affiliation, these traditions also influenced
my childhood. Therefore, in regards to norms, the difference in culture from
how I was raised and society’s perspective varied in issues regarding how my
parents understand and identify sexuality and how they judge and interpret
certain sexual behaviors. The link between different cultures strongly vary in reference
to norms. Although, as you grow and become an adult, your own experiences
further influence your sexuality. In conclusion, I am interested in learning
greater insight into human sexuality to gain additional knowledge in my field
of science to ultimately collaborate my career goals in medical research and
public health.

Part 2

years, music has transformed cultures around the world. Every generation goes
through a trend of music that strongly inspires that specific time period on
style, how to act and behavior, and what to say. In particular, the usage of
women in rap music illustrates a clear view of gender role representation. To focus
on a specific song that contains these sexual under tones is the famously
known, “Bed Rock” by Young Money. The women shown in the music video are primarily
used to represent success and money. In addition, the lyrics include insults
and sexist language towards women. The lyrics such as “Oh baby, I be stuck to
you like glue, baby,” “Wanna spend it all on you, baby,” “My room is the
G-spot,” “Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock,” “Oh, I can make
your bed rock” convey to the public that women are sexual objects of desire (Genius, “Young Money (Ft. Lloyd) –
Bed Rock”). The video for “Bed
Rock” shows many women styled in the same fashion surrounded by the rappers. In
the video, the men are observed as dominate, masculine, having all the money
and cars, along with the opinion of thinking they can be with any womepercept. It
is very essential to look towards the greater picture and analyze what the
message of these videos and songs convey to the public especially the youth. Mainly,
this can have a greater effect on many generations of younger children.