Paraphrasing: people rather than just hard workers so that


Lack of education means education is not enough
and it is not delivered to help improve people life. It is not enough because
many factors decrease the access to education. For example, if there is a
country in war people will not have the opportunity to go to school and get
their education from there.

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Education is vital in performing better at work
because the more you have a high level of education, your understanding of the
world, work environment, and your abilities would be better. For example,
according to home pages website organization uses knowledge to tell the
productivity of employees, and it is skill level.

Lack of education is a reason for having fewer job
opportunities because the world is developing and it needs more educated people
rather than just hard workers so that the job opportunities will decrease.
According to Seattle website, the rate of unemployment of college graduates is
less than high school graduates by almost the half.

What I learned?

I learned that education is essential, and it
gives more opportunities in life. Because if people do not have enough
knowledge, they will not get those opportunities. For example according to
cheatsheet website Shaquille O’Neal is a four-time NBA champion who got back to
Barry University, to get his doctorate decree. He wanted to get his doctorate
decree, because he wanted to challenge himself, and he understood the value of

Different perspective:

Education becomes not essential when a human being
knows what he wants from life. According to the listverse website, there are
four people who some of them dropped out from school, and some of them dropped
out from college, and ultimately became very successful. For example, Albert
Einstein and John D. Rockefeller were high school dropouts. Albert went on to
become a genius, and John went on to become a billionaire. Another example,
Steve Jobs, and John Glenn dropped out from college. Steve Jobs ultimately went
on to become the co-founder of Apple, and John Glenn went on to become an