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Power in the United States today
All powers in the United States are sourced from the constitution. The constitution is the supreme law of the country. It is empowered with the authority of the people of the United States, by the framers, and by the consent and approval of the legislatures of the states.  The constitution also ensures that the rights of all citizens are not ignored and that the government is limited from exploiting the citizens. It also ensures that the country has a central government. Therefore, to ensure that there is a central government, the constitution divides the federal government into three branches. These include the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. The legislative branch is comprised of the Congress and other agencies providing support to the congress. The congress includes the Senate and the House of Representatives. The executive branch includes the president, the vice president, the executive departments, the cabinet, independent agencies and other boards, committees and commissions. The judicial branch is comprised of the supreme courts and the federal courts. 
Each one of the three branches has authority over the other one. This means that the acts of one branch could be changes by another branch. For instance, the president has the power to veto the laws that are passed by the Congress. Also, the congress has the authority to confirm or to reject the appointments made by the president. The congress can also remove the president from office in some circumstances that are exceptional. Lastly, the justices who function at the supreme courts have the authority to overturn the laws that are unconstitutional, and they are appointed by the presidents, and the Senate confirms them. Generally, the three branches of the government play a role in the lives of the citizens, and thus I would be determined to examine the functions of the three branches and their effects on the citizens. 
The chosen texts would be of help in my research. I will be using them to understand better how the functions of each one of the three branches would have an impact on the lives of the citizens and the economy at large. These texts would also help me in identifying the advantages of the form of government in the United States, which is federalism, and how it is of benefit to the citizens. Through understanding the functions of the three branches, I would be able to state how the government is beneficial to the citizens regarding their security, their economic activities and their religious rights. Some of the benefits that would be discussed include the protection of the citizens against tyranny by the government, the diffusing power in the government, the equal participation of each citizen, the strategies used in conflict management, the encouragement of innovation in policy and law and lastly the manner in which the needs of the citizens are easily responded to by the state governments. Lastly, the evidence that would be helpful in this research is the tangible effects of the government on 

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