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Adichie and Zephaniah both deploy some similar characteristics in their pieces. 

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In ‘The danger of a single story’ We know that it is an auto biography because the tone of her writing is very direct and it’s in 1st person she also says ‘I would like to tell you about a few personal stories’. This tells us that she’s talking about experiences she has had. I feel as if ‘The danger of single stories’ are directed towards people who do not come from Africa. This is because she tells us about where she’s come and her past life in Africa. This could also be directed to people who want to be writers and want a job to do with literature. The purpose for this is to get young writers more confident in pursuing there writing dream. I also feel that she wants to get rid of single stories about another person or country. She says that ‘her room mate felt pity’ towards her before even seeing her which tells us that she only had a single story for africans and didn’t know that an African could be equal and similar to her. 

The two pieces of writing are very similar because it is also in the 1st person and has experience everything he is talking about which makes it more powerful towards the reader. This is directed to people who read the newspaper so probably to adults. He has also gone through a lot in his life and has been told of by his teachers when he was young. This is very similar to Adichies’ life and how she was.

In the passage there is alliteration that adds power to the contrast that Adichie is making between reality of her life and appearance and the characters she has read about. She alliterates the words “skin” “colour” “chocolate” and “kinky” use alliteration of the hard “c” and “k” sound. Later on she also alliterate the “f” sounds. She uses more alliteration later on too. She uses negative language like “fleecing” “sneaking” and “arrested” this shows how negatively Americans visualise Mexicans as.

Where as in Zephaniahs The writer starts lots of sentences with conjunctions to grab the reader’s attention. She uses good techniques such as adjectives such as ‘poor’ which is used in connection to her mother to create an amusing picture of her having to read these stories.

Both of the pieces need to use alot of imagery to make it more powerful and convey there points better.