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Canada in the Fabulous 50’s 

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After the war and the Great Depression conquered. Canada had been through some rough times during the 30’s and 40’s, so as the hard times passed, the bright and new time era begins. Welcome to the 1950’s. New fashion statements were made, a wave of children came into the world, televisions and new electronics made so many lives easier. The 1950s had a huge impact on the history of Canada, it was a new beginning for everyone, all of the survivors of the war came home to reunite with their wives and families. As the decade began Canada grew, saw prime ministers come and go
As Canada entered a new era the twelfth prime minister came to lead our country, Louis St. Laurent also know as ‘Uncle Louis’. Laurent entered the world of politics in 1941 and was elected into the house of commons in 1942 and succeeded Makenzie King as the Liberal party leader. During Laurent’s time of prime minister old age pensions were suspended, hospital insurance was enacted; equalized payments, he even decided to add Newfoundland in to the family of Canada in 1949. One of his main achievements was the building of the St. Laurence Seaway, this changed the way Canada exported and imported goods around the country. As one prime minister leaves another one comes. The other prime minister that guided Canada in the fifties was John Diefenbaker, he led the minority government and was given the nickname ‘Dief the Chief’. During his time as prime minister from 1957-1963 he managed to cut taxes from 1957-1963, Diefenbaker also helped a lot of farmers in the western part of Canada by selling wheat that farmers had produced and sold it to the Soviet Union and China. As the years went on Diefenbaker had project called the Avro Arrow, this project was a jet plane. Half way through this project Diefenbaker cancelled the whole thing and lost so many Canadians jobs.
As politics had went through some rough times the economy had some great opportunities for Canadians. After WWII Canada had a big economic boom due to the amount of oil and mining companies, with this oil and mining extravaganza, this had set up lots of new job opportunities for people around Canada. The US and Canada had become stronger and more bonded together over the years. The US had helped Canada expand the economy and somewhat make Canada stronger, with that said the US had set up many branch plant economies in Canada, this was first introduced to Canada in the late 1950’s. American companies would set up their own stores in Canada so customers could enjoy their products. Canadas trade industry flourished around the world and Canada was a big part of the trading because of all the produce that was being made by farmers. Some new projects had been started and finished, like the St. Laurence Seaway, Toronto Subway, and the Trans Canada Highway. These projects helped Canadians travel around the country easier and more efficiently. As Canada got stronger with our neighbouring country USA our society experienced some changes.
After the war Canada had a big change in population