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Statement of Intent
-Charul Mishra
“How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are.”
-Andrew Solomen.
I couldn’t agree more.
Everything in my life changed when in the third year of my architecture school, I was diagnosed
with an autoimmune skin disorder: psoriasis. Initially, like every other person who is diagnosed
with a serious disease, I trusted my doctor and started taking the prescribed medications. But
nothing seemed to work; rather my condition simply took a turn for the worse. I was getting
frustrated and losing hope as I went from one doctor to another, just to hear another bleak
prognosis without any conclusive reason as to why this was happening. I started researching
online, read research papers, books, blog-posts, life-stories and all pointed to something that I
never really focused on, my unhealthy lifestyle – that it could be a lifestyle problem. It was
simple and obvious yet so profound. I looked back at my life in the last few years and the
answers were all there.
Before psoriasis, I was a typical design student: managing an immense workload and activities
all cramped into limited long and severely stressful days. I was definitely overworked,
frequently working continuously for 2-3 days without an ounce of sleep. Essentially there were
a lot of problems with my lifestyle, which I didn’t perceive at that moment. My diet wasn’t the
healthiest and fitness was the last thing on my mind. The truth was, I realized, I didn’t think all
that was important.
I knew I had to heal from inside, trust the process and take chances.
Through my research, I got in touch with holistic & Ayurvedic therapeutic doctors. The new
treatment involved major lifestyle changes in which nutrition and exercise played a major role. I
had to follow a stringent diet based on a method of exclusion. I was asked to practice yoga,
play a variety of sports and to reduce psychological stress from my life. Initially it was
extremely difficult for me to accept those changes while battling the mental trauma and social
stigma of having such disease. Eventually through research and studying about the nutritive
importance of different foods and positive impact of yoga and exercise on internal body
function. I accepted the pivotal role of diet and exercise and started regulating my lifestyle.
By the time I was in the final semester of architecture, I was pretty confident that I want to
pursue a career in nutrition and lifestyle related field. As a part of my treatment, I was already
practicing yoga since two years, so I decided to learn the science behind it. I did a certification
courses in yoga from ‘Yoga Alliance, USA’ and another from ‘Ministry of Ayush, India’, and
became a certified instructor.
I started working for Yoga and Health-Fitness centers as a yoga instructor, volunteered for
workshops, organized and implemented conferences and assisted the teachers in certification
lessons. I was also responsible for promoting ‘Importance of Yoga and physical well being at
whole’ in private schools, contacting students and teachers, and arranging various activities
which has helped me in developing my leadership and organizational skills. I am also a part of
weekly elderly health-related activities in public parks. On International Yoga Day, my health
center organized a ‘Free yoga camp’ and motivational talk on youth addictions and a free
health check up for elderly, encouraging them to pursue active lifestyle.
Through one of my yoga classes, I got in touch with a physiotherapist and started interning
under her. I helped patients with various exercises and counseling sessions, learnt about
people and their various physical ailments. This was a turning point in my life, all this gave me
an appreciation for how our efforts can contribute and empower people and can help them
enhance their quality of life through simple lifestyle changes.
I came across various certification courses to understand more about exercise science and
nutrition, and am currently pursuing certification courses from ACSM (American College of
Sports Medicine) in ‘ Nutrition foundation Course’, and ‘An Introduction to Sport and Exercise
Psychology Level 1’ from Exercise Science Academy, Mumbai that will complete in April 2018.
During my research, I learnt about the graduate program in Kinesiology in UIUC with excellent
research facilities and the strong research-centric curriculum. It harmonizes with my plan for
further studies. I am particularly interested in researches of Professor Kenneth Wilund on
‘Chronic renal failure’, and Professor Jeffery Woods on ‘How exercise affects the immune
system’, and courses in Stress Immunology, Circulorespiratory, Physiology, Physical Activity
and Cognition, Advance Skeletal Muscle Physiology, Kinesiology Research Methods and
Health Behavior Theory.
It would be a dream come true to work along with such eminent research faculties. I wish to
take up the course of Kinesiology in UIUC as the curriculum offered and the faculty research
areas are exactly what I am looking for.
Although it is going to be a huge transition to shift academically from architectural design to
kinesiology, however I am convinced that given my enthusiasm and involvement in healthy
lifestyle through yoga, coupled with my persistence and diligence, I would succeed. I look
forward to graduate studies in Kinesiology for Fall’2018 from UIUC and enrich my knowledge
and sharpen my skills in the field of my interest.

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