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1.1 At the end of Q3, it is evident our brand loyalty women is low (16%). As brand loyalty is important for creating a very strong and long term competitive advantage for any business. Also strong brands and brand loyalty has shown to be significant weapons in the long run profitability of a business( Tabaku, Elvira, 2015). A strategic recommendation is to expand the range of our jeans for women of various shapes and sizes. Data shows that consistent sizing and better-fitting garments have been identified as the improvements women would most like to see at the retailers they usually shop with. Moreover (44%) women would like retailers to offer better-fitting garments, compared to just 18% of men.(Mintel http://academic.mintel.com/display/835071/) Research shown that women are more than twice as likely as men (64% vs. 29%) to find it difficult to find jeans that fit them properly.(http://academic.mintel.com/display/556128/), also women are much more body-conscious than men, with nearly half (46%) of women avoiding certain styles of clothing because of their body shape or size.(http://academic.mintel.com/display/582111/). Brand loyalty are fully mediated by consumer satisfaction (Janghyeon,Nam and Yuksel, 2011) that’s why our company should expand jeans offer to Different fits to satisfy our customers. That will increase cost of sale up to by 20% but still it can increase our loyalty what can also have a huge impact on increasing our sales. 

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