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 In Chicago, the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation investigated the correlation between sights and smell. They asked a group of males to estimated the weight of a female participant while she wore various types of aromas or no odor at all. With spice and floral perfumes, the men guessed the female’s weight to be around four pounds less (Weir 2011). Next they had participants that sniffed grapefruit fragrances to judge the female’s age and as a result they guessed the females to be five years younger than their actual age (Weir 2011). There was also a study in which subjects exposed to pleasant aromas gave higher “attractiveness ratings” to people in photographs while an unpleasant scent led people to give low reviews to pictures of people (Fox 2009). This is rather significant that certain smells can influence one’s arousal towards another. As a test in a Las Vegas casino, they statistically counted that the amount of money gambled escalated by over 45 percent when the place had a satisfying fragrance (Fox 2009). Scents are a hidden influential variable that completely fly over our head when considering our attraction towards another. It’s amazing to consider that a change of smell can completely alter our perception of the world. Imagine: the first time you meet your best friend, would you have built such a great relationship with him/her if he/she had the complete opposite aroma that they have now? Remember smelling cookies when walking into a bakery and immediately wanting a pastry. How about imagine that the scent of cookies changed to a scent of crisp breeze air freshener scent. Are the pastries still appealing to you? I want to know if the same would happen to people in social situations. Can a warm smell such as cinnamon cause a person to be warmer to another? How much does our nose really control our awareness to everything.

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