Ottawa of parole for 18 years. Allen Lascelle pleaded

Ottawa – Allen Lascelle, who jumped in front of a
train after stabbing his ex- girlfriend is sentenced to life in prison with no
chance of parole for 18 years.

Allen Lascelle pleaded gulity to second-degree murder
of Suraiya Gangaram,31, a mother of three girls aging 6, 8 and 14 years at the
time of the murder.

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Allen Lascelle and Ganaram were perviously in a
relationship but later ended with allen being arrested and charged for domestic
assault. Lascelle was released under conditions to not contact Gangaram, but
continued to do so with Gangaram.

On May 2015, Gangaram was found dead lying in a pool
of blood on her kitchen floor. She was found by her 14 year old daughter who
had arrived home from school.

According to the police, Lascelle stabbed Gangaram





multiple times. It was later revealed that Lascelle
did far more than stab her, he as well did shameful things to her body. Later
that afternoon, Lascelle apttempted to kill himself by jumping in front of a
Via Rail train at a Go station but failed, resulting in a sever injury in his
leg causing him to obtain a wheelchair.


Allen Lascelle, 51


The judge for the case, John Mcahon, decribed the
murder as being a “heinous.” Police found evidence that Allen had something bad
planed in his mind, which justice John Mcahon later agreed.






Tuesday afternoon the oldest of her three daughter,
now 16, appeared in the downtown court to read her Victim impact statement.
Theeldest daughter described how the murder made her family’s world “upside
down” but still choose to stay strong ” for her two baby sisters.”

” What he did is despicable, lost for words. He left 3
children without a mother who are having a hard time due to her death. I hope
this man reflects on his action while he is in prison.” Said Martha Smith,
journalist from Dela

The chidren had problems with their foster care at
first, feeling more devastated and was like “living in hell.” However, they
later found a loving and supportive family. John Mcahon sympathized that the
girls ended up at a bad foster care at first, but was relieved to hear that
their girls are with a more supportive family and hope for the best for them.