Originally originally YOU Foundation have a key role in

Originally You Foundation


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              Raising self-confident, encouraged, and compassionate broods is a parent’s greatest test. The parents want their youngsters’ to be self-confident and take their individual choices by themselves. High-quality early childhood tuition and care bring an bright environment in which children can breed as assured and capable children. Successful delivery in education depend on many people and societies across the public working together for the advantage of children and young people. The early childhood programme delivers a framework for early childhood services to implement a curriculum that supports children’s competence and confidence as learners.

 Developing social competence  enables children torelate to others in ways that enrich and extend their learning. The originally YOU Foundation have a key role in nurturing children’s emotional well-being and helping children to develop an understanding of appropriate behaviour.  The originally YOU Foundation make sure that the children experience an environment where their emotional well-being is nurtured.

 Associated learning outcomes focus on children developing: an increasing ability to determine their own actions and make their own choices; an ability to identify their own emotional responses and those of others; and trust that their emotional needs will be responded to. The early childhood curriculum, The originally YOU Foundation, provides a strong foundation for services to plan, implement and evaluate their curriculum for supporting children’s developing social competence and emotional well-being. The originally YOU Foundation describes experiences and indicative outcomes for infants, toddlers and young children.

The originally YOU Foundation work in partnership with parents to support children’s developing social competence, emotional well-being and understanding of appropriate behaviour.Their behaviour management policy or positive guidance procedure, and practice are aligned.They have processes to identify children’s challenging behaviours and strategies to respond to them and their curriculum assists children to develop as socially andemotionally skilled and confident learners.                  













               The Originally You foundation is a non-profit organization.The main motive of this organization is to develop self-confidence, leadership self-awareness and originality in themselves. The Originally You foundation work in partnership with parents to support children’s developing social competence, emotional well-being and understanding of appropriate behaviour and their behaviour management policy or positive guidance procedure, and the Originally You foundation practice, are aligned and they have processes to identify children’s challenging behaviours and strategies to respond to them. Their curriculum assists children to develop as socially and emotionally competent and confident learners. Children’s emotional well-being and social skills are at the heart of, the Originally You foundation at the early childhood curriculum.

High-quality early childhood education and care provide a positive environment in which children can grow as confident and competent children. Successful delivery in education relies on many people and organisations across the community working together for the benefit of children and young people. The Originally You foundation connects children to new people who care about them and is decent for the children self-esteem. It gives the child a tougher sense of being placed in the instant and extended surrounding. And being connected to friends and people in the open helps your child learn how to relate to others and can increase their confidence.

The Founder:         

                      The founder Chandra Claybon was born and raised in Tennessee and is a southern girlShe resides in Georgia and has resided in a few other places. 11 years old Autistic son who has many challenges he has inspired her to be the best her. She obtains my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology with a minor in Child Psychology. She worked in the school system for a few years and found that being original and having high confidence in your original self, connects the dots to a more happy you, it builds your self-esteem which motivates her to create such Originally YOU Foundation and dedicate the rest of her life to help the children find originality and build confidence in themselves.                  












·         Leadership                      

                   The Originally YOU Foundation provides children with a community where they can learn to be self-confident, make their decisions bythemselves. The Originally YOU Foundation Leadership Program enterprise to help build leaders and also help leaders stand out. This program is for your child to learn the essential tools it takes to be a leader and use their abilities to help others.      

·         Scholarship                  

                    The Originally YOU Foundation provides the scholarship to extend a helping hand to your child even after high school. As detailed previously that Originally YOU Foundation want to provide help that is extended throughout life. Their scholarship programs do just that by providing scholarship money to teens in the 12th grade that has done great in school and applied their best effort. The Originally YOU Foundation feel like this will help continue to build confidence in child’s life so they may be able to focus on making good grades. They also believe that making good grades comes with the help of having great self-confidence, which is why they want to reward teens for the great effort.

  The Originally YOU Foundation manages events that help children to communicate with the society and speak what they want because this makes them more confident and self-aware. This types of events also provide children to speak up and enhance their speaking powers. These all are the keys to make a child self-confident and make their own decisions and self-esteem.   Confidence can be a tough thing tobuild up. The Originally YOU Foundation put together some handy tips to help the children out. If they’re still having a tough time even after trying these counselling ideas, don’t worry!  Originally YOU Foundation also delivers workshops so that you can find additional support and work on increasing child confidence with the help of others.