Of a higher level. Some of which include, the

Of all the unexplained phenomena in the universe, the brain
captivates me the most. It brings into question the most challenging and
personal of puzzles which, when resolved, can provide a map for the future. I
do not take the decision to study neuroscience and psychology lightly; since
being a child and watching the ‘Bill Nye the science guy’ specials on TV, I
have grown to develop a strong enthusiasm and desire to understand our
environment in a holistic sense, the effect of neurological illnesses on the
brain and nervous system and the application of neuroscience to personality and
mental wellbeing – I have a great passion for understanding the mechanics of
the body and mind.

My recent readings have further fuelled my desire to study
the brain at a higher level. Some of which include, the upcoming field of
contemplative neuroscience in relation to cognitive and neural mechanisms, specifically,
‘How enlightenment changes your brain’ by Dr Newberg and Waldman, and Siegel’s ‘The
mindful brain’. The findings have introduced me to a side of neuroscience I hadn’t
yet considered. The prospect of education at university and to one day make my
own discoveries excites me, I am a part of the Top-Up scheme to help me
understand university standards and I feel will allow me to smoothly integrate.

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I love facing new challenges, so I find the idea that there
is still so much unknown about the brain incredibly intriguing. I take Advanced
Higher Maths to improve and develop strong problem solving skills and logical
thinking. It was a risk to take Higher Physics with no prior national 5 or
higher knowledge of the subject but my goal throughout school has been to gain
a competent knowledge of the three main sciences and I am intent on completing
this. Advanced Higher Music proposes the biggest challenge to me as I balance
the study time of academic subjects with violin practice and involvement in the
four orchestra and string groups I attend throughout the week. My capability and
love for taking on and accomplishing challenges is not only shown through subject
choices for this year but also my 6 higher grades in one sitting. The
dedication I have to education proves that I am a disciplined, versatile and
driven individual.

My achievements also include the silver Duke of Edinburgh
award and I am currently working towards my gold, Saltire Award for hours of
volunteering at my schools Sports Day and taking part in a leadership academy.
I also pride myself for my year of volunteering in the charity shop Shelter.
These experiences combined have allowed me to gain and understand the values of
teamwork, initiative, self-motivation and the ability to learn, which are
characteristics I like to apply to my daily life.

Music is a very large part of my life. I have been singing
for as long as I can remember and I have been devoted to my violin for 7 years.
I am involved in the CREATE music groups in the City Halls and have performed
with the string orchestra, symphony orchestra, voice factory, senior string
ensemble and have also sang solo with the big band during my 10 years of
concerts. It is incredibly rewarding to perform in such a large scale concert after
practicing weekly for months, it has given me the ability to trust myself and
to feel comfortable and confident in front of a crowd. This has paid off
immensely, for example, I played solo violin in front of my school without
nerves and in October I modelled in the Albert Hall for the Alternative Hair
Show which raised £200,000 for Leukaemia. The show could have been a very nerve-racking
experience, however, I was able to apply what I had learned from prior on stage
experience to my performance and pushed through calmly and confidently.

I understand how lucky I am for the opportunities given to
me and I would consider the opportunity to study neuroscience and psychology a privilege.
My commitment to the path will always be strong and I hope to hold onto the
lessons learned and character built to help me excel in my education and to one
day build a career.