Nurses not involve in this policy meeting. How could

Nurses can be a major part to health care changes if we stand up more towards it and get more involve. We can better understand the importance of policies in the health care system and the necessity for change along with influence. For example, the policy meeting I will attending discuss the issues of patients being confined in long term care due to not able to transport with oxygen cylinders. However, these devices do carry a extreme hazardous to the public because of the dangers of handling them. ?????????????????????Oxygen has long been used in hospitals for the acute treatment of respiratory problems. As more acute services are expanding into all regions into the countries, there is an increase need for its use in community care. There are known risks associated with the transportation of oxygen such as fire hazard, risk of damage to the equipment, and poor training about safety requirements. As a nurse, the key points will be safety for the patient. Sadly, due to the high population rate in China, it may be difficult to incorporate these challenges to medical staffing. For example, needing to transport the patient to stop for gas at a station must be avoided. Oxygen cylinder must be protected from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. A health care professional must be present at all times who are knowledgeable to handle oxygen cylinder. Portable oxygen tanks are much more different than the cylinder because the length of usage is not the same, as well as the demand of oxygen deliver per minute. Moreover, what I notice not one “nurse” was not involve in this policy meeting. How could we be the proper advocate for our patients when we cannot defend them in public? Nurses are well aware in the health care system, and I believe the influence I can inflict upon will make transfer oxygen cylinder safety a polic