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ntroductionMost of us around the world have a new addiction. The new addiction is well-known as the cell phone. Today, we can use cell phone to surf the internet, listen to music, create a social media accounts, play games in online or offline, send a text message and many more. Now, we can use all these activities only in one smartphone. People often have a busy life in due to job, school and others. In this case, people prefer to have a cell phone which it can makes them stay in touch at anytime. Cell phone is enabled us to do various tasks at the same time. Many people are comfortable to use a cell phone as a primary communication device than desktop or home phone. Furthermore, it is an efficient and discreet way to communicate with friends and family members. (UKessays, 2015). As the day goes by we use our smartphone on the way to work, during mealtimes, at home, at school, during free times and in bed. We are constantly connected and expected to have a cell phone with us at all times. Nowadays, our society tends to use devices that makes our lives easier and more convenient. Our cell phone is our personal assistant that helps us of our needs in everyday life. (Lisa Leitner, 2012).BodyDefinitely every person have a cell phone which for their daily needs in doing activities. In many years ago, there is only a phone not cell phone. It just use to contact someone at home, office or somewhere. Today, most of us become addicted to our cell phones that under the age of 30 including toddler can’t be regardless from cell phone in every seconds. In order, there are two impacts of positive and negative of using cell phone on a modern era society. The positive impacts of cell phone in a modern era society which cell phone enable friends or family to stay in touch whether in distance or location. Modern cell phone can send pictures or videos through online chatting and also it can use to make a video call. Next, cell phone can entertain for society. People can listen to the music or playing games in online or offline version. Besides, cell phone can use to access on the internet to watch video on Youtube, check the gossip news, and update the status in any social media. The last impact is having a smartphone make the students study more effective such as find out many references in any website which is useful for study (DiemHongnguyen, 2015). In other hand, the fact of use cell phone can damage the social aspect of today’s society becomes a major issue. It is also has many advantages for the society. The society become addicted to their cell phones which is the ability to communicate with others are limited in some event such as on reunion, break time or friend’s house (DiemHongnguyen, 2015). Many of them only focus on their phone without talking. The next problem, cell phone can cause the disease that can be effect to the body of using in a high usage. Finally, cell phone can cause of death because many people use it during driving which can cause an accident (Shoaibraza134, 2017). ConclusionCell phone is our daily need in this modern era today that madke a communication alot easier People use them for business, school and many more. The main benefit of using cell phone such as text message, video call, or surf the internet. Unfortunately, most society become so addicted the cell phones that under the age of 30 including toddler can’t be regardless from cell phone in every seconds. However, the side effects of cell phone is can cause brain damage, car accidents and much more. In fact, whether it is helpful or not, it depends how the society use it.  It is better if it is use an appropriate way. (DiemHongnguyen, 2015). ReferencesDiemHongnguyen (2015) Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones In Our Daily Lives. Testbig, Tuesday 3 March.Leitner, L. (2012) How Smartphones Change The Way We Live. Mysms, 13 June.Shoaibaraza134 (2017) Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in Points. Meritsdemerits, 28 July.The Impact of Smartphones on Society English Language Essay (2015). UkEssays: APA, MLA, MLA-7, Harvard, Vancover and Wikipedia, 23 March.