Not developed countries put a money value on their

Not only the
ordinary people and the communities but the entire world recognizes the amazon
rainforest as a server for biological services. It is the one and only rainforest
that we have left in context of size and variety. But unfortunately as forests
burn and global warming degrades the influence of amazon deforestation to continue
gradually undo the fragile ecological processes that have been refined over billions
of years.

As amazon
rainforest biome gradually shrinks in size so does the richness of wild life
found in its forest along the potential use of plants and animals that stay
undiscovered. Amazon rainforest not only provides the home but also supports
the great diversity of animal species. It is projected that more than fifty
percent of the world’s ten million species live in tropical rainforest. Despite
the latter’s covering only about 7% of the land surface. The Amazon is home to
more diversity of plants and animals than any other terrestrial ecosystem on
the planet-perhaps 30%of the world species are found there.

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Not only
have our governments in tropical countries under increasing pressure from
environmental groups to reign back further destruction of their forests but the
balance of commercial advantage for them is beginning to switch from clearance
and back to conservation. The idea of ‘debt-for-nature-‘ swaps was mooted
several years ago. Developing countries in debt to developed countries put a
money value on their forests as ‘ecological capital assets’. They trade
conservation of these against financial debts. A further source of income is
available from carbon emissions trading. Forests now have a money value as
carbon dioxide stores, which developed countries are able to buy as trade-off
against their own increased carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels.

The lungs of
the world (amazon rainforest) provides 20% of the earth’s oxygen and 60% of the
earth’s freshwater. On the other side it is also said to be the earth’s climate
regulator. If the amazon rainforest disappears Global Warming will be shocking.
The amazon rainforest is an unbelievable place. It helps regulating earth’s
temperature as it contribute 17% of the world’s carbon produced. The Amazon
rainforest is now catching one third less of the carbon in our atmosphere than
it did  that sums to one billion tons of
carbon dioxide easily mixing in the air this increased carbon load on the
climate will grow annually hastening changes in the climate and weather
patterns. The entire forest lost over 760000 square kilometer by 2014 and by
2025 some studies have estimated that 40% of the forest will be destroyed.

protected area network throughout the amazon might be expanded and is on a
focus. Merry (Research associate professor in department of Forest Resources)
says that there is no doubt that the Amazon rainforests and people and animals
that purely depend upon it continue to be under monstrous pressure. The
communities have stronger interest since they depend on them for their
livelihood and culture. This is the reason people around the world should save
the Amazon rainforests.