Non education is very important. Continue to educate yourself

Non Commissioned Officer 2020 Strategy

Following the NCO 2020 Strategy

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NCOs Operating in a Complex


04 December 2015

SSG Noll, Heidi

SLC Class 182-18











Former CECOM Command Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Miguel
Buddle said, “A Non Commissioned
Officer (NCO) is the backbone of the Army. 
The NCO is the one who either will teach you the right way or
wrong way to do something”.  The backbone of the Army is a time-honored tradition.  NCO’s are superior Soldiers that lead today’s
Soldiers to the battlefield.  Through
time and education, NCO’s have learned to thrive and adapt in a fast changing
world.  They continue to be dedicated and
adaptable NCO’s.  To help in producing the
desired strategic NCO, TRADOC created the Non Commissioned Officer 2020
Strategy.  This strategy helps develop
Soldiers into being leaders of the future.  The NCO 2020 strategy has multiple parts to
help guide and overcome uncertain obstacles in the future.









Is it too late to become a very informative
leader?  No, with the guidance of the Non
Commissioned Officers 2020 Strategy, NCO’s will be successful.  In order to understand how to be a great
leader, you need to understand how the NCO 2020 strategy works.  With proper understanding and training, the Army will develop
new leaders that can operate in a complex environment.

 As a
leader, we need to concentrate on three areas of the 2020 strategy.  Developing as a leader, you must train,
educate, and learn from your experience. 
Talent management comes from being proficient in your medical
occupational specialty.  An NCO is a
steward of the profession.  You must
constantly improve and set the example.  Lead
by example.

Developing as a leader, we must start with
educating ourselves.  It starts with the
Army’s Non Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES).  We must start by selecting the next
generation of competent and committed NCO’s. 
This is not a fast or quick process. 
Leaders need to train, educate, and mentor Soldiers.  Using the leadership-training model, leaders
can over time support the overall mission. 
Leaders use the operational domain by training, along with experience
and education.  The institutional domain
starts with military and civilian education. 
Experience and training work together simultaneously.  The third domain is the self-development
domain.  Your education is very
important.  Continue to educate yourself
at NCOES schools and civilian institutions. 
This process is a rotating cycle. 
You cannot work on only one or two, you need all three domains to be

Under the development, it covers many areas.  The Army uses the Select, Train,
Educate, and Promote (STEP).  The Army
selects the right leader.  Those Soldiers
who complete all steps and qualifications up to the point of their next
promotion, advance in their career. 
Leaders will train those selected to the next MOS proficiency.  Soldiers are educated on their roles and
responsibilities.  The STEP program is
not a quick process.  It takes time for
the future leader to complete certain training events and need to continue to
educate themselves while growing.   

Talent management plays a very important role in
the NCO 2020 strategy.  As leaders, you
need to be able to put your Soldiers in hard positions.  Give positions that challenge Soldiers.  Soldiers working in positions that they are
proficient at may hinder them from growing in other positions.  An example is, a PFC works every day during
sick call.  A PV2 works at the
qualification range every day, supporting other companies.  The PV2 comes to you and tells you that he
wants to work in the clinic with the provider. 
You tell him, “PV2, you’re doing such a great job where you are at, I am
going to keep you working at the qualification range”.  This example shows that you are not helping
either Soldier succeed.  Continue to
monitor your Soldiers, and allow them to grow in their profession.  Allow Soldiers to move around throughout their
career so they can grow within their MOS. 
You as a senior NCO, need to grow. 
You also need to set the path for junior Soldiers to grow.  It is no longer about you.  You are a servant to your subordinates and
seniors.  Allow them to grow professionally.  Give them every opportunity to succeed.  Soldiers need to follow the career map.  Give additional opportunities’ to grow
outside their MOS. Challenge your Soldiers to request broadening assignments.

As a senior NCO, you are the steward of the
profession.  Help the NCO Corps by
building an environment of trust.  If a
Soldier has trust in you, they will perform at their highest potential.  Continue to train your Soldiers.  Do not cut corners to make a task easier.  It is only cheating out your Soldiers of
honest hard work training.  Leader follow
doctrine, and doctrine will set your Soldiers up with success.  NCO’s will live the Army Values and the NCO
Creed.  Leaders do not deviate from what
is right.  Lead by example and demand
your Soldiers do the same.

As was previously stated, with proper training and understanding of the
NCO 2020 strategy, leaders will be successful. 
And to that end, the Army depends on leaders to be proficient at all
levels.  As senior leaders, we need to
commit to training by doctrine, educating systematically, and learn from
experience.  Leaders follow the
leadership model by following the three domains.  Following the three domains, it will lead to
success for the Army’s combat readiness. 
You are a trained leader. 
Soldiers have a tendency to follow educated, trustworthy Leaders.  Soldiers will follow leaders into battle if
they trust them.  Train your Soldiers to
be the Army’s future leaders.  Train as
you fight.  Lead by example.  Never compromise your integrity.  Always live the Army Values.  Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “The
supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.  Without it, no real success is possible, no
matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in the Army, or in an
office.”  For further information on the
NCO 2020, strategies go to UNITED
NCOs Operating in a
Complex World dated 04 Dec 2014.










NCOs Operating in a Complex


04 December 2015


Former CECOM Command Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Miguel

April 15, 2009


Dwight D. Eisenhower

Integrity in Leadership

23rd, 2016