Noam made it even worse in “How to destroy

Noam Chomsky said humans have a capability to destroy themselves and the development in globalization today has made it even worse in “How to destroy the future”.  This is the problem that is visible to everyone that our future might not even be there anymore.  Our world is facing many issues, such as global warming and etc.  There are some countries that are trying to do something while some countries are ignoring the problems.  It is strange that the least developed societies are trying to overcome this threat, but the most powerful one refuses to acknowledge the problem.  From my standpoint,  I agreed that the people have developed the capacity to destroy themselves and the rich countries are racing to destroy the world.  However, it does not seem to me that not all the indigenous people are saving the earth. Although the author said the tribal societies are working on preserving the environment, I think only a few of them are.  However it is true that Bolivia is trying to find a way to enforce the law of mother earth according to Buxton.  The indigenous population draw the concept based on the concept that nature is a sacred home.  The regulation could offer nature legal proper, specifically the proper to life, regeneration, biodiversity, water, smooth air, balance, and restoration.  As an instance, the regulation calls for the government to transition from non-renewable to renewable strength and to alter and decrease greenhouse gasoline emissions.  In contrast, I do not agree that all the indigenous countries are trying to save the planet.  Many least developed countries now are focusing on more on the development and looking over the environmental issues.  For instance, Ecuador offered to keep oil in the ground in return for money in 2007 (Watts, 2018) since they saw the need to protect the biodiversity.  Nevertheless, Ecuador was in need for money to pay for their  public debt, so they decided to scrap the plan and now are drilling deeper for the oil in Yasuni national park.   Furthermore, the author states that the rich and  powerful countries, such as the United States and Canada, tend to have a tendency to destroy the planet, which I strongly agree on.  Many countries that are rich and powerful decided the invest in the nuclear atomic bomb without any concern for the environment.  Nuclear weapon is the most dangerous weapon on Earth, since one can destroy the whole city, possibly killing million,  threatening the natural environment, and lives of forthcoming generation through its everlasting tragic effects.  According to the United Nation, there are only two nuclear that had ever been used in warfare, which are the ones that are dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Therefore the environment in Japan was greatly damaged, such as contaminated in water, plant, and agriculture, long-term. All things considered, not only the rich and powerful countries, but also some of the indigenous population turned to destroy the environment.  The effort of those who trying to protect the planet might not be enough to fight those who trying to destroy it.  Bolivia might try to enforce the law to protect the planet, however this cannot stop many countries, such as Ecuador, that are trying to take advantage of the Earth with any consideration for the environment.  Also the United States still has the nuclear bomb and consider to use it in the depressed time, although it has a great consequences to everything.  As far as I’m concerned many countries should stop trying to take the advantages out of the Earth and start trying to preserve it.