NEW Zoo, and shopping centers located in Madison Avenue.




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New York is a state located in the mid-Atlantic and north
east region in the United States. It neighboring by land with Vermont,
Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island by sea.
New York is the U.S. capital for finance, culture, transportation, production,
and it’s a most crowded city of U.S.A. Its population is 18.603.963. It’s
surface area 1214 km². It is referred as a global city for its contribution in
finance, commerce, media, art, fashion, research, technology, and
entertainment. New York is the host of United Nations. New York is an immigrant
city. There are approximately 170 languages are spoken in New York.



Central Park is known for being the first city park to be
built by landscape architecture in 1857. 
Wall Street which is the center of finance world is located in the
Manhattan region of New York. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is also located
there. Statue of Liberty is on an island at coast of New York City. Theater and
Musicals are located around the Broadway Street. JFK airport has one of the
heaviest air traffic in the world. MOMA, Modern Art Museum, Guggenheim Museum
have most precious art collections in the world. New York Times is one of the
most respected news organizations of the world. Three biggest TV channels of
the U.S. are located in New York; ABC, CBS, NBC. The city is visited by
approximately 40 million tourist every year. Most visited places are Empire
State Building, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, MoMA, Bronx Zoo, and
shopping centers located in Madison Avenue. Furthermore Halloween Parade and
Tribeca Film Festival are very attractive cultural event for New Yorkers.
Central Park is the most visited park in New York.



Bagel and New York style pizza are the most popular food of
New York. And its also very easy to find Middle Eastern food. Brunch has a
special place in New York. Hot dog, tiramisu, New York cheesecake, and lasagna
are the most popular food in New York.