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Neki Ki Deewar by Tathastu for Better Interior India is a country of different cultures and a variety of mentalities across the numerous regions and societies that exist in this diverse nation. But a sentiment that binds everyone is the core emotion of kindness. There is one city in particular in India that embodies this emotion with actionable results. The Municipal Commission of this city has been working hard to improve and develop the standard of living for every single citizen no matter their social standing or financial status. The city we are referring to is Raipur, the capital of the state of Chhattisgarh.Ever since Raipur has been announced as one of the smart cities, there has been a lot of talkaround what “SMART” truly means. And it means many things, each as important as theother. “SMART RAIPUR” means different things to different people – but essentially it reflects an aspiration of the city and its people to become better, to come in the league of the best. One of the most important aspects of this is the very core of what makes a person – humanity – An innate desire of people to help one another, more so the people who are less privileged than others. It is this sense of sense of kindness that led to Compassionate Raipur being created as one of the pillars of Mor Raipur. At its heart, Mor Raipur stands for a sense of belonging and sense of responsibility of the people towards the city. With that in mind, donation-drives have been held in the past across different parts of the city. But unlike a lot of charity initiatives where people need to be coaxed and convinced to donate generously, these small-scale city-led donation drives saw such overwhelming response, it was very clear that Raipur wanted every single person in the city to have access to every single basic need of life in this wonderful city. Such was the response that Smart City Raipur decided to create a platform and a destination of open and honest giving for everyone in the city – The Neki Ki Deewar.The Neki Ki Deewar is a unique and previously untried platform – A publicly accessible wall that lets people drop off things they do not use anymore, only to be picked up by the underprivileged who need it. Putting it beautifully into a single line, “Kya aapka dil bhi doosro ki madad ke liye dhadakta hai?” (does your heart tell you to help other people as well?), this wall was inaugurated by the Honorable Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Dr. Raman Singh. Such was the impression of this concept and of the way in which this was brought to life in terms of aesthetics that on the spot, he donated his own footwear at the wall. The Neki Ki Deewar is open 24×7, accessible at any point of time, where people can drop off unused items lying at home such as footwear, clothes, blankets, books, stationery etc. One of the little nuances of this Wall is the fact that people are encouraged to celebrate any special occasion such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. by donating to the wall. One of the first things you notice at the Neki Ki Deewar is a large mural of a stairway to heaven with doves of peace fluttering around. The wings of the doves also double up as hanging pegs for donated items. Right next to the Stairway to Heaven are sculpted images that depicts “Giving”. Almost every part of the 3D sculptures and moulded artworks on the Neki Ki Deewar can be used to hold items that have been donated. This is flanked by a colourful book-stand where people can keep their donated books. The Wall being well-lit at night also serves as an open library for the underprivileged where they can pick up the books they like to read, and carry them back home in case they really like it.The team behind the artistic rendition of this concept is TATHASTU THE ART. Tathastu The Art as a concept has been brought to life by lovers and connoisseurs of art. This team believes that with our rich artistic and cultural heritage melded into modern art forms and urban lifestyles, the world is ready for a taste of their ethno-global art creations. Apart from art curation, Tathastu The Art also creates Conceptual Beautification works and functions with a vision to serve unique and different art styles to the art-loving community by collecting, curating, preserving, exhibiting and fostering the understanding of art of the highest standards.