Neftalí he published literary works under the pen name

Neftalí Ricardo Reyes
Basoalto, known as Pablo Neruda, was born in Chile in 1904. He was one of the
greatest Nobel Prize- winning poet of the 20th century. During the
Modernista Literary Movement, he published literary works under the pen name of
Pablo Neruda, which he adopted in memory of the Czechoslovak poet Jan Neruda. He
was financially successful as a poet in his lifetime. The major topics and
themes the poet addressed were social justice, communism, and love. He was in
love with Matilde Urrutia, who would eventually become his third wife. Neruda’s
intended audience in many of his literary works was his beloved Matilde
Urrutia. The three most prominent poetic devices the poet used in his famous
poem “If You Forget Me” were imagery, metaphors, and repetition. Through these
poetic devices, he delivers the main message – being consistent. With the help
of poetic devices he creates an intense atmosphere and at the same time a
romantic mood in the poem, leaving an impact on the reader and allowing him or
her to analyze it.  

Pablo Neruda uses visually
descriptive language, imagery, in his poem “If You Forget Me” to draw a reader
into a sensory experience. In line 2-4, the speaker says, “If I look at
the crystal moon, at the end of the red branch of slow autumn at my
window”. The poet uses imagery to explain that everything that surrounds
him reminds him of the woman he loves. He ends the last stanza’s sentence
without any punctuation to indicate the eternal quality of his love. In the
last stanza, Neruda implements an additional imagery, “If each day a flower/ climbs
up to your lips to seek me”. The imagery of the flower blooming once again
showcases how love has the ability to expand and evolve and is connected to an
eternal flame. This quote shows that as long as the woman expresses her love to
him, he will love her back. It personifies a flower climbing. The poet uses
such figurative language to grant an object human qualities to make the poem
more exciting and interesting to read. 

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The poet uses several metaphors
in the poem to explain and clarify feelings and emotions of the speaker. In the
5th stanza, the poet tells his lover that should she “decide to leave
me at the shore,” he will “on that day, at that hour…seek another land.” In
this stanza, Pablo implements a lengthy metaphor of a land and its shore to
warn the woman of the consequences of her not loving him back. Pablo represents
the woman as the speaker’s home, however if she ever decides to leave him, the
poet, without any hesitation, would start seeking another woman. Neruda also implements
metaphor in lines 10-14, “as if that exists, aromas, light, metals, were little
boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me”. The poet
explains how everything that exists are boats that bring the speaker to his
loved one. Pablo Neruda uses metaphors to better describe speaker’s
relationship towards the woman, to help the reader understand the speaker, and
to simply make a poem interesting to read.

Pablo Neruda uses repetition
in the poem “If You Forget Me” to emphasize a key idea, which is his deep love
for the woman and the warning of what is going to happen if she would stop
loving the speaker. In 16-17, the speaker says, “If little by little you
stop loving me I shall stop loving you little by little”. These two lines emphasize
the speaker’s seriousness of ending the relationship if the woman were to stop
loving him because it is difficult to bear with the pain of broken love. The
poet also uses repetition in the last stanza, if each day, each hour…if each
day a flower climbs up…” Throughout the poem the repetition of words like “each
day” emphasizes the main idea of the poem – staying consistent and making her
love consistent.

In conclusion, Pablo
Neruda uses imagery, metaphors, and repetition to deliver the main message of
staying consistent with the love to the poet. These poetic devices help the
poet to connect with a reader and allows a reader to better see and feel the
storyline. “If You Forget Me” captures all of the reader’s senses and makes the
story relevant to the readers. Imagery, metaphors, and repetition draw the
reader in, heighten the sense, and pull at readers emotionally. This poem is
beautiful because it spreads important ideas of expressing your feelings and being