Mr. for reasons beyond needing camouflage, such as watching

Mr. Rick Sanchez is a tall, thin 70 year old male of Hispanic descent with gray hair. He wears a white lab coat over a blue T-shirt and brown pants. He also often comes to sessions with green spittle on his mouth, presumably due to the fact that he has been drinking or recently vomited. He speaks in a rambling, stammering pattern that is often interrupted by belching. He has a daughter, Beth, from his failed marriage. He also has two grandchildren, Morty and Summer, as well as a brief relationship with his great-grandson, Morty Jr., from his grandson’s relationship with a Gazorpian sex robot as well as his son-in-law, Jerry. Family appears to be a difficult subject for Mr. Sanchez to discuss. It appears he cares for them very much but is hesitant in expressing it and has never been able to vocalize as much. He genuinely cares about Morty, his grandson, and their adventures together are crucial to him going to the lengths of allowing Morty to lead an adventure of his own by redeeming his Morty Adventure Card. Though Morty often frustrates him, Mr. Sanchez seems to get very upset at the idea of not being able to have adventures with Morty. He repeatedly attempts to help Morty escape from his other obligations to free up more time, in order to have him continue to be his assistant, such as pulling him out of school, manipulating the dream of Morty’s math teacher, Mr. Goldenfold, to give Morty an A grade in math, and recurringly pulling him out of school. When asked what purpose such an intelligent being could have of a less intelligent one Mr. Sanchez explained that Ricks need Mortys due to a very distinct genius brainwave pattern emitted by Ricks, making them easy to track by various enemies as well as other Ricks. To camouflage the brainwaves Ricks stand near their Morty which has “complementary” brainwaves. Despite this, Rick recounts doing activities with Morty for reasons beyond needing camouflage, such as watching interdimensional cable with him, taking him to an alien pawn shop. Mr. Sanchez is also protective of his grandson, he describes Morty’s first adventure in which King Jellybean sexually assaulted Morty, which not only caused Rick to attempt to cheer Morty up by making his adventure a success but also to murder King Jellybean. In regards to his daughter Beth from what Mr. Sanchez has discussed, it appears that he loves his daughter. Mr. Sanchez mentions that many Ricks from different dimensions seemed to be attached to Beth C-137 when he was on the run from the Council of Ricks, possibly proving that if the relationship between Mr. Sanchez and his daughter Beth is so strong that it is interdimensional than his feelings for his daughter run deeper than he is willing to face. Additionally, Mr. Sanchez treats Beth with more respect than he does the rest of the family. He retells events of cursing at the other members or mocking them but, from his stories and how he talks about her, not Beth. When asked if he loves her Mr. Sanchez rolled his eyes stating that they “don’t buy into that kind of crap…love is familiarity over time and that his access to infinite timelines precludes the necessity of attachment” (3/3) Mr. Sanchez was absent for the majority of his daughter’s life. He revealed that this was due to his adventures and acts of terrorism against the Galactic Federation, most notably with his best friend BirdPerson and Squanchy. Mr. Sanchez’s son-in-law, Jerry, is usually the target of humiliating and demeaning behaviors or comments, whether it’s referring to the failing marriage between him and his daughter Beth or mocking his low intelligence. Mr. Sanchez depicts an incident in which Jerry assisted in his attempted assassination at a theme park. Jerry pleaded with Rick to save him from being eaten and when he was desperate claimed that he only did it because Mr. Sanchez took his family from him, referring to encouraging the erosion of Beth and Jerry’s marriage. Mr. Sanchez openly resents the fact that Jerry had sex with Beth, getting her pregnant at seventeen and effectively taking his family from him. He further states that in being his daughter she had options but that all changed when she felt bad for a predator who uses pity to lure in it’s victims (3/5) Furthermore, Mr. Sanchez predicts that while the alternate Ricks were waiting at Rick C-137’s house, they “won’t be able to resist” messing with Jerry, potentially meaning that Rick disliking Jerry is evident for almost all Ricks in every dimension. Mr. Sanchez received little formal education in comparison to his exceptional intellect regarding all scientific subjects if his recounts are accurate. He finished one semester of community college before realizing that “school is a waste of time… it isn’t a place for smart people…it’s not how you learn things” (1/1). He further displays his lack of respect for organized education when he pulls Morty out of school to accompany him on his adventures. Mr. Sanchez has little interest in income opportunities. He was an arms dealer (2/2) and shop owner (1/9) for a short time. However, when his business Curse Purge Plus was beginning the thrive and require real responsibility Mr. Sanchez claimed that he got bored and set fire to it. Most of the materials Rick requires for his experiments and inventions he gets from his adventures or makes special trips to acquire. Mr. Sanchez  is coming into court mandated therapy due to attempting to “get even” with a Galactic Federation operative, codename “Tammy”, who he claims had been working in deep cover, gaining the trust of his best friend, BirdPerson, whom “Tammy” murdered at their wedding. Based on sessions thus far, Mr. Sanchez is presenting with symptoms of bipolar disorder (II), because Mr. Sanchez is able to retain social and occupational functioning, alcoholism, as well as symptoms of Narcissistic personality disorder.