Most persistence, or confidence. The underdog story directly relates

Most people know about the classic underdog story which entails an unlikely hero succeeding although the hero’s peers believed that hero could not. People will say that the hero prevailed because of their persistence, or confidence. The underdog story directly relates to disobedience because in most stories the hero is disobeying his peers and sometimes his rival. stems from deep within history, David’s victory against Goliath written in the bible to Susan boyle’s performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent, underdogs are almost everywhere. Without underdogs and their disobedience, we wouldn’t be where we currently are today. There wouldn’t be any of the laws about equality, marriage and even race, the civil right movements would be nonexistent and there wouldn’t even be a USA.Most parents can remember the rebellious teenager phase, where they or their child did not listen to a single word said and disobeyed. Spite directly relates to the underdog, sometimes the hero of the story does something specifically because their peers said they couldn’t do it. History is like that, something will upset someone else, and they do things in spite of that something. Steve Jobs may not have done it out of spite but in spite of his cancer he did amazing things, which reinforce the fact that eve if something slows the hero down or insults the hero the hero can take it and make itself faster and stronger. On a distant highway there lies a red sign with bold white writing that reads “This year thousands of men will die of stubborness” Underneath crude white graffiti reads “No we won’t!” Stubbornness and spite really go hand in hand with each other, they are very similar. But being stubborn means staying and refusing to leave, Spite is different. Underdogs are also very stubborn they refuse to stop even if their peer’s say its impossible. Stubborness is what Rosa Parks had, and she made a huge impact on the civil rights movements. Together these effects can help and also cause trouble for social progress but without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. It might be better without them, but many don’t agree.