Most limited resources, we should stop buying stuff that

Most people have their own perception of global
warming. What is clear is that most have a very vague idea of what global
warming is, only thinking along the line of rising temperature, ozone layer and
perhaps about deforestation.  But what is
actually Global Warming?

Global warming can be defined as a continuous
increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere as a whole, generally
associated with greenhouse effect cause by increased levels of carbon dioxide
and other contaminants. Global warming also referred to climate change,
concerning the rise in the average temperature of the earth’s climate system. Climate
change is changes in Earth’s temperature, humidity, wind, air pressure and

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As a global citizen, it is important for all of
us to obtain awareness about global warming so that it is taken seriously. The
knowledge we gained can then be used in helping to lessen the effects of global

This essay will discuss some of the things that
we and the global community can do to help reduce global warming. It will also
bring forth three effective measures in controlling the situation..





Measures to Control Global Warming


Here are three measures that we can take to
control global warming. They are namely Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3RS), Human
Awareness and Government Policy


1. Reduce Reuse Recycle

take Singapore for example. Even though Singapore is known for being a modern
and developed country, a lot can be done to help against global warming. “Over
the last forty-five years, Singapore has gone through a period of rapid
industrialization and urbanization, coupled with high economic growth.

development has led to a six-fold increase in disposal waste from the 1970s;
from 1,200 tonnes per day in the seventies to 7,202 tonnes per day by 2009.”
(Lian Yong & Savage, 2014)




order to save limited resources, we should stop
buying stuff that we do not need. We should also not throw away things that are
old, but still usable. Making our own cards and presents can also help in
reducing wastage. And if possible, avoid buying different kinds of cleaning
product instead, buy one multi-purpose cleaner.


Reuse: We should use reusable products instead
of disposable ones. For example we should buy products with minimal packaging.

This reduces costs and wastage. Using reusable products that could last longer
than disposable products will help you to stop from wasting and keep throwing
away after using it only once. We should start using disposable over reusable
products. We could rent, borrow items that are used infrequently instead of
buying them. We should also donate unused items instead of throwing them
because other people might still use it.


Recycle:  According to Huffstetler (2017), Recycling
aluminum cans and scrap metal can bring in a fair amount of money in large
volumes. So instead of throwing away cans, metals, we could recycle it. Besides
bringing in profit, it also brings about benefit to the world by reducing
wastage and having to reproduce new ones. We should also buy products that come
in packaging that you know can be recycled. Use recycled paper so it won’t destroy
trees as cutting off trees have a very bad impact on global warming. As for one
of the most important resources of this world, the water, we should recycle it
whenever possible. Singapore, for example, has taken steps to introduce recycle
water, called the NEWater. It is hoped that this measures will in its small
way, help reduce wastage and in turn help control global warming.




2. Government Policy

Another measure that is equally effective in
controlling global warming is a strong government that supports the campaign against
global warming.

Example of countries whose government support
this movement are Finland and Japan.

In these countries, the government played the
major part in helping to control the global warming. As the goverment is a powerful
organization which govern the countries and the world as a whole,  their role in helping to control global warming
has a major impact on the success of this campaign. Whereas in countries where
the government do not support global warming campain such as Liberia there is a
which lead to devastation effect on global warning.

Based on Finland’s Ministry of the Environtment
(2017) “On Thursday 14 September 2017, the Finnish Government adopted the
medium-term climate change plan to 2030. The plan ‘Towards Climate-Smart Day-to-Day
Living’ sets out the necessary means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
in the non-emissions trading sector, i.e. transport, agriculture, heating and
waste management.” This measures would enable us to control global warming in
the long run.

And according to Schlossberg (2016), In Japan,
there is a campaign called “Warm Biz”, it encourages people to use less heat
during winter, suggesting things like holding nabe (a Japanese hot-pot dish)
instead of using normal heaters that could trigged global warming. This move
definitely help in reducing global warming.


3. Human Awareness

All the above measures cannot
be achieved without the most important element of all, the human awareness.

Human awareness and a conscious
effort from them in helping to control global warming is vital in determining
the success of any measures. It is important for us, the human, to be aware of
the importance of keeping this world healthy and to slow down the global

If only a few people are
active in taking steps to control the global warming, we would not gain
success. Take for example people living in a big ship. If people living at the
bottom of the ship keep damaging the ship by poking small holes in the ship, in
the long run, the ship will be filled with water and finally sink. This will
not only affect people who damage the ship. It will also affect everybody
living in the ship, including those who maintain and upkeep the ship. Thus the
importance of each and everyone of us to be aware and participate actively in
controlling global warming.

In creating awareness among
humans, education has to be the key. We need to educate everybody on the
importance of preserving this world, so that we humans can live in this world for generaitions to come.

According to Pelham (2009),
Across 127 countries, the median percentage of people who report knowing about
global warming is 62%. This leaves with 38% people who either report having
never heard about it or did not have an opinion.

Public awareness of global warming tends to be higher in highly
developed countries and lower in less developed countries. In Japan and
Finland, for example, nearly everyone surveyed reported knowing about global
warming. However, in African countries such as Liberia and Benin, less than a
quarter of people surveyed say they know about it. Thus, each and every country
must educate it’s citizen on the importance of global warming so that everybody
is able to play a part in helping the world in controlling global warming. As
they say “If you are not part of the solution, you are the problem.”








In conclusion, global warming is a serious
issue that effect both us and creatures living in this Earth. If the earth is
eventually destroyed by the effect of global warming, it is only us, the human
beings, are to be blamed. So it is up to us to play our part in helping our
world to stay healthy and not be destroyed by this global warming. Before it is
late, we must take the measures presented above seriously so that we can save
this earth from destruction.