May had episode made just for Star Wars. all

May 25, 1977 the release of Star Wars: A New Hope, just another Sci-Fi movie that was set for failure. Little did the movie industry know, this franchise would be one of the most successful in movie history. Let’s not forget the cultural appeal Star Wars would make and is continuing to do so. Star Wars has a found its place in society and is now an established staple film that everyone knows about. With its famous saying “May the force be with you” it is hard not to know where that saying is from. Star Wars has a worldwide appeal that is here to stay for many generations to come, but how has it done this? While director George Lucas has received mixed reactions for his approach towards the prequels, this does not undermine the fact that George Lucas has made an impact in the film industry dramatically and almost more than any other filmmaker.  He paved the way for making the Science fiction genre more popular than it ever has. As a matter a fact Star Wars also made the idea of “trilogies” such a common part of movie making. For example, movies “The Hunger Games” and “Lord of the Rings” are all made into three movies. Furthermore, when Star Wars isn’t impacting the movie industry with its visuals and score, often times it’s made into parodies from multiple angles. The movie Spaceballs, which is a parody take on Star Wars is one of the most notable films. also, the cartoon series Robot Chicken which had episode made just for Star Wars. all jokes aside, this shows that Star Wars has made a huge appeal in all of film and television. What makes Star Wars so successfully done is its approach with different stories. As a viewer you are escaping reality and being taking to the planet of Tatooine, a rural desert world that has twin suns in the galaxy’s Outer Rim, Tatooine is a place with no rules ruled by gangsters. Each character makes the viewer believe they exist, whether its watching Princess Leia fight or seeing Obi-Wan fighting Vader in a duel of fates is very nerve wracking. Or its finding out that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father, which makes for one of the most unexpected reveals in movie history.  These reactions wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the fandom created around Star Wars. From conventions where people cosplay into multiple characters from the movies, there is a strong community, where so many individuals have established friendships and relationships through the Star Wars franchise. These people teach and learn so many valuable lessons that come from Star Wars. In addition, Star Wars is the perfect example of the hero’s journey that gravitates so many people into loving this franchise. The Hero’s Journey which was made popularized by Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth from his book The Hero with A Thousand Faces. The Hero’s Journey begins with the idea of a normal person in a normal, recognizable world. This person receives that call to adventure(Luke), come across an older mentor(Yoda), and undergoes trials in his quest to confront and defeat a great evil (the empire). Eventually, this person returns to their home, changed in some way. This formula is what makes Star Wars and makes the viewer so attached to it. Next, let’s take a look at statistics to further show why Star Wars has such a massive appeal to it. According to an entertainment weekly article, “The pop-culture impact of the ‘Star Wars’ trailer, by the numbers” by Anthony Breznican, he looks into the impact of Star Wars, by explaining the amount of views, tweets, etc. Breznican first looks at the “Force Awakens” trailer and how it smashed the YouTube views for a new record. “We have access to more data than any other YouTube partner, and with almost 72 million views, this Star Wars: Episode VII trailer is the fastest-growing trailer that we’ve ever seen,” Rich Raddon, co-founder ZEFR, told EW today.” The previous record holder was Jurassic World with 55 million views. Furthermore, that didn’t stop the fans to start to making their own content around the trailer. For example, tons of parodies, reaction, and review videos have been made around that trailer. While the article explains that the numbers for social media outlets like twitter are a little trickier to breakdown, that doesn’t change the large amount of numbers Star Wars produced. Moving on, what is going to keep Star Wars for many generations to come is its new mythology for the new age. In an article, “Star Wars offers enduring themes that appeal to our deepest selves” by Joel Hodge. He breaks down all the types of themes in Star Wars that appeals to the viewer and how director George Lucas wanted to bring in real life ideas such as religion and makes it easier to understand through Star Wars. For example, Lucas states, “I see Star Wars as taking all the issues that religion represents and trying to distill them down into a more modern and easily accessible construct … I put the Force into the movie in order to try to awaken a certain kind of spirituality in young people – more a belief in God than a belief in any particular religious system. I wanted to make it so that young people would begin to ask questions about the mystery.”  Comparing something such as the “force” to god is big risk, but it’s one that pays off in Star Wars. People see the force as a real-life thing, it’s that mystery Star Wars brings that just turns on a switch in an individual’s brain that gives them hope. Furthermore, the idea of good versus evil is what makes Star Wars so different that at times one can’t help but root for the “Sith”. Star Wars term for bad guys. Darth Vader, one of the iconic villains of movie history has such large following that no one really questions it.  Darth Vader started off as Anakin Skywalker, he was supposed to bring balance to the force but fell to the dark side and sadly became Darth Vader. Children and adults dress up every year as Vader and other characters that it shows how much Star Wars means to these people.  With all that being said, the main support that is currently giving Star Wars its appeal for generations to come is Disney. When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars back in 2012, Disney knew how much love and foundation there is for Star Wars. So, once they acquired it, Disney had to produce a new batch of movies, toys, clothes etc. that must tread new and original ground to keep the audience interested. That didn’t take too long with the announcement of the new trilogy of Star Wars films to come. In an article, “Star Wars’ $4 Billion Price Tag Was the Deal of the Century”, author Jim Mclauchlin states, “the rollout of more than 100 new Star Wars toys was a cultural phenomenon, with a huge bottom line. Toy sales between Force Friday and the end of the year should reach $2 billion in retail sales.” The realization that force Friday which is usually held every September, is not for a new movie but for Star Wars product lines of merchandise. Such a genius moves that Disney made, people all over the country camp out and wait till midnight. Once those doors open people rush to get the new lines of toys. What other franchise does this to people. Even ESPN, which is acquired by Disney premiered both trailers for The Force Awakens and Last Jedi which, “…resulted in a 13 percent ratings increase for Monday Night Football that week…” according to article from awful The force is strong all over the world, with the next installments of movies being led by directors such Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams, it is safe to say Star Wars is in great hands. Star Wars has built a strong and diverse fan base and kept those fans engaged.  Star Wars is for the people and has been fortunate that it hasn’t gone through a phase where people embrace something as a kid and it becomes uncool when you’re older. In its 40 years of existence, it has become a cultural entity unlike any other, an appeal that has probably influenced pop culture more than anything else in our time. It goes beyond just the current fans. The message and themes Star Wars promotes will continue to be passed through generations and that’s something that can’t be taken away. With the release of Star Wars “The Last Jedi”, nearly days away, the hype is real. Fans all over the world can’t wait and media isn’t making it any easier with trailers now appearing more in commercials and billboards appearing everywhere. Society has to give credit when credit is due, Star Wars is here and it is here to stay for a long time. Star Wars will continue to spreads its appeal for the new generations to come and doesn’t look like it will slow down in anytime. As the famous saying goes, “May the force be with you..always”