Many vacation days during the academic year and a

people now want our traditional way of schooling to change, our three-month summer
schedule is now being questioned and argued over. Some want fewer vacation days
during the academic year and a longer summer while others want a year-round
academic year with more breaks dispersed through the year. Many school
districts continue to argue about this topic and whether students would benefit
from a longer summer or more breaks. “Having
three months off in the summer isn’t appropriate anymore…” says Daryl Taylor the
principle of Grant Elementary School. We believe that students would benefit
more from a longer school year with more breaks dispersed through.

reason to believe that students would benefit more from a year-round schooling is
the potential to close the learning loss gap that comes with the three-month
summer break. It is statistically proven that students forget a considerable
amount of information throughout the summer months. School districts discuss
the learning loss every summer as kids go back to their education free days but
the discussion seemingly always ends with the start of the new school year
while it seems the learning loss is going away. But that is simply not the
case, every start of the school year the learning loss caused by the summer
months is simply camouflaged by the reviewing and relearning in most of the
subjects. With the year-round academic schedule, the learning loss is
non-existent for most students and it saves precious school time that could be
used for teaching new items instead of reviewing. Another reason one might believe
that a year-round schooling schedule would be more beneficial to the students is
the fact that shortening school breaks will improve student achievements. The year-round
schedule also acts as a remedy over the course of the year. For example, on a
30-10-day schedule teachers can offer a “summer school” like program for
students who are struggling. The students can come to school during their break
and get help with what they are learning right now. For students who are
struggling in their classes, these small and quick interventions such as these
can help keep students on pace during the school year. Ultimately, research has
proven that students who attend a school with a year-round schedule
academically perform better than those in a traditional schooling duration.

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concerned parents and district members continue to debate this matter many
still argue that a year-round schooling system will benefit students more than
the traditional schooling systems we now use today.