Many starting school later is not a good idea

Many students especially teens hate waking up early in the morning during school days. Statistics also proves that teens barely get enough sleep during the night. Due to not enough sleep, three main things decrease which are health, academic performance, and safety. You’ll be learning about those three main things throughout this speech. According to all doctors, health is very important to every single person. Well if teens won’t get enough sleep, they can have many problems when they grow up or even right now. Dr. Owen once said, “Chronic sleep loss in adolescents is one most common and easily fixable public health issue in the US today. The research is clear that teens who get enough sleep have a reduced risk of being overweight or in self depression. Studies have shown that delaying early school times is one factor that can help teens get the sleep they need to grow and learn.” “Normally, a teenager needs eight and a half to nine hours of sleep each day,” says Dr.Steven. Another huge improvement will occur if school will start a bit later is academic performance. All teachers want their students to success and have good grades in every class because that’s what they are here for. Dr. Owen also mentioned, “Adolescents often score very low on high standardized tests or quizzes which is usually caused by not sleeping well. The result is sleeping during class and not learning anything at school which causes students to fail that particular class.” Lastly, changing the starting time of school will improve safety. You may ask “how?” Well, teachers say that kids are walking to school, walking to the bus stop, or even driving to school when it is still dark for most of the school year in many communities. With a few adults around they are at risk. Another way that teens are unsafe occurs after school. Teenagers that are released in early afternoon have hours of unsupervised time until the adults’ work day ends and that’s a problem because they can fool around and do something harmful. Dr. Watson once said, “Starting school later will reduce the risk of substance abuse and high-risk health behaviors especially during early unsupervised hours in the afternoon.” There is always a disagreement that starting school later is not a good idea for a few reasons. First, “starting late, means finishing late, so teenagers would simply go to bed even later!” says a TES reporter. Another reason why many districts aren’t changing start times because changing start times could pose problems with bus schedules, after school activities, and sporting events for the entire district. Also, lots of parents disagree because their work schedule wouldn’t fit with the school’s new schedule. All of these claims can still be fixed if we change the starting at least on thirty minutes later; that is not a lot!Coming to an end, there are many opinions and reasons of why starting school later is a good and bad idea. Studies conclude that starting school a bit later would be a benefit towards schools in lots of ways. Statistics proves that changing the start time of school will help improve schools in health, academic performance, and safety as you learned today in this speech. Maybe you can convince schools to change their starting time at least thirty minutes later!