Many of the supply chain. Warehouses are important components

Many works of pieces of literatures show a problem of the supply chain. Warehouses are important components of most supply chains. In terms of cost, they represent approximately 20 percent of total logistics costs, in terms of service they are critical to the achievement of customer service levels (Frazelle, 2002a). It’s a massive value depreciation on those businesses and just starts to bring into focus how important logistics and supply chain is. If within the business the problem occurred in the warehouse or if it occurred in one of the suppliers warehouses that was critical to the business. So the importance in terms of managing the end-to-end supply chain and warehouse has become even greater and the challenges are harder as things become faster. Today’s technical development, expanding markets and growing population increase the demand for products and services. This demand requires an increased focus on logistics since it puts great pressure on the operational performance in the form of, for example, the just-in-time supply of materials, efficient materials handling solutions and on-time delivery of finished goods. Thus, today’s market puts a high pressure on logistics operations  (as cited in Granlund, 2014).  The current logistic task is becoming more challenger for warehouse employee. But besides this the challenges the logistics operating system is not still fully changed, most of them are working with manual system. For a company to bring profitability and sustainable development a new technological system also one of important. Due to this, we are seeing that the development of new technologies are taking a role in the logistic areas and it shows as it’s also possible to perform the task by new technologies. The global competitive pressure and the employee’s competences inefficiency in logistic companies and customers is forcing companies to look for the new phase of automation which gives a chance for the focus on logistics development. Logistics warehouse is a place to store a product. After producing the product, the company shipped to warehouse places in order to store their product. To fulfill this, there is an effective cooperation of warehouse logistic system. To make sure larger utilization of warehouse altogether directions, the storage capacity of each warehouse in different warehouse center is significant.  This is the aspect of improving the logistics system in the given situation, but also to keep it fit and adjusted for future needs and requirements. The growing demand for products and services puts great pressure on logistics performance and enhances the role that logistics plays in determining a company’s competitiveness.