Mafia! of the poor. The first Mafiosi emerged from

Mafia! What do you
imagine when you hear this word? Most likely, solid and serious men in
perfectly fitting strict suits, hats, casting a shadow on the stern faces and
carelessly thrown over the coat. Yes, this is the classic image of the mafia,
inspired by the cinema. However, the Mafiosi were not always like that, because
in movies we most often witness the so-called “golden years” of the
American mafia, in the 30-60s of the last century. The Mafia is one of the most
influential criminal organizations. In the mafia, a clear hierarchical
structure, ideal subordination and discipline. The organization exists under
practically military laws, non-observance any law threatens death. This is why
the Mafia is exist for so long and successful in many countries of the world,
including in America. Mafia is formed by purebred Italians, or Italians of
American descent (in the USA). The mafia itself originated in Italy, and the
exact date is not known. The latest it was at the beginning of the 19th
century, when in Italy all power was concentrated among the rich landowners and
the elite of society who did not care about the destiny of the poor. The first
Mafiosi emerged from such poor people, who simply had nothing to lose. The
birthplace of the Mafia is Sicily. This is the region of Italy, located at the
very end of the map. This organization was called “Cosa Nostra”,
which means “Our Business”.

How did the mafia
appear in the United States of America? Well, as well as most customs and
cultural elements of other countries with representatives of these cultures,
with immigrants. In a small number of Italians appeared in the US almost from
the very beginning, but the mass population of Italian immigrants arrived in
the 1880s. Representatives of Camorra, Cosa Nostra and other criminal families
sought in America for salvation from the laws of their country, or simply
looking for a better life. Many Italians joined the organization already on the
territory of the United States. The first Mafiosi engaged in usury they gave money
at interest, racketeering owners of shops, public institutions were forced to
pay rent for “protection”, kidnapping people with subsequent demand
for ransom and robberies. Enterprising and fearless Italians climbed into all
spheres of business, trade and business, to which they could only reach, often
becoming owners of business or real estate by fraud or force. Among other
things, they dealt with fraud and scams of different levels, arranged illegal
sweepstakes and underground casinos, taking rates from everyone, including the
unemployed and other dubious personalities. The main advantage of such
underground sweepstakes was that after the win it was not necessary to pay
taxes to the state.

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But the main
prospering of the mafia is the time of “Prohibition” in the United
States. Already from the end of the 19th century, the United States began to
gradually limit the production and sale of alcohol, and began to make attempts
to prohibit the turnover of alcohol completely in some states. Such amendments
to the legislation were introduced in order to reduce the number of murders and
looting related to excessive use of alcohol. And so, in 1919, the eighteenth
amendment to the constitution of alcohol was completely banned throughout the
United States of America. But the adoption of this law completely reversed the
expected effect: the country was subjected to total corruption and illegal
entrepreneurship, colossal money was withheld from the state treasury, and
non-compliance with the “Prohibition Law” in some states and cities
reached almost absolute value. In figures, non-compliance with prohibition law
in New York was 95%. Truly, it was a tasty morsel for any criminal group. Many
criminal communities, including the mafia, have set up massive shipments and
sales of illegal alcohol, most of which was imported from Canada. Also, there
were clandestine factories in the territory of the United States itself. In the
war for power, the American mafia turned out to be the most powerful
organization, by removing almost all competitors. Because of this amendment,
the famous gangster Alphonse Capone and many other famous figures of the
underworld made their name. Sometimes there were real militarized clashes
between different groups, attacks on trucks with whiskey, hijacking trucks with
alcohol and classic “disassembly.” It was really a “gold
mine” for the mafia of the 1920s and 1930s. Well-established channels of
supply brought huge profits, moreover, trade was not taxed, and the dominant
position of the mafia in the criminal world of the United States made the
organization an almost complete monopoly in the industry of selling illegal
alcohol. The Mafia has risen above the rest of the criminal communities not
only because of its size but also due to the strict charter and a clear
hierarchical structure.

With the cancellation
of the “Prohibition law” in 1933, the mafia lost main source of
income, or rather, the profitability of this source fell. Later, those families
who did not want to rebuild in accordance with the need dictated by time,
weakened their positions, and then completely disappeared. In order to maintain
the achieved level, the mafia switched to work with trade unions, construction
and most importantly, drug trafficking. Perhaps because of drugs that mafia
would suffer such damage. At that time, the turnover and consumption of
narcotic drugs increased in geometric progression, and given the
“exhaust” of such a business, which brings investors income of
several hundred percent, not taxed, this branch of criminal activity was a
tasty morsel. Many families initially refused to work with drugs and partly
were right. It is with the advent of drugs in the world of the Mafia that the
first “informers” are associated. After the 1960s, American
legislation heavily tightened the punishment for the sale of drugs and many of
the Mafiosi who got caught preferred to become informers in order to avoid
prolonged imprisonment. According to the law of silence of the mafia
“Omerte” such “snitches” were to be destroyed but the state
placed them in the “Witness Protection Program”, according to which
former criminals were given new documents and moved to another place and
sometimes even changed their appearance. The whole point is that illegal drug
trafficking brought huge profits, and those families who did it received huge
financial and therefore political (could buy more statesman), and power (could
afford to keep more soldiers) an advantage over those, who concentrated their
forces on “traditional” sources of income. Therefore, the most
powerful representatives of the American mafia, it was decided to introduce
into the drug trade, but they adopted a number of restrictive agreements.
Around the same time, the so-called Commission of the Bosses was established,
which included the most powerful representatives of criminal families. The
meetings of the Commission were held no less than once a year, and as necessary
and more often. At the meetings, general business issues were discussed, family
bosses were elected, the Commission could recommend a candidate for admission
to the organization, or to be promoted through the career ladder. If it was
necessary to eliminate the objectionable member of the Mafia, this could only
be done with the approval of the Boss Commission, otherwise the performer
himself became a victim. Also, the Commission of the Bosses of the Mafia asked
the general trends and directions of the development of the Mafia business,
with its emergence the organization of the Mafia reached new levels.