Maddie. stupid but that night she decided to buy

Maddie. A girl who cares about nothing more than school and her job at the zoo. She has the second best grades in her school. Her best friend Blaire is the first. Everything in Maddie’s life is kind of on edge. With her parents always fighting about money, and her getting impatient about her college applications coming in. Although she’s had it rough she is very kind and some might even say niev. Her friends Elise and Blaire always have her back. At least she thought they did. A Lot of people dread going to work but not Maddie. She works at the zoo with her friend “Zoo Seth” as her friends call him. Seth is a cute and kind boy who likes writing and filming screenplays. Maddies turning 18! She was super excited for her birthday she was going to have dinner at Claudia’s with her mom, dad, and her older brother  Beau. Her parents wouldn’t stop fighting. When the bill came it didn’t help, Maddie had to pay for her own birthday dinner. Her mom felt bad because all she got Maddie were some socks with sloths on them, but maddie liked them. They reminded her of the zoo. She made plans for her birthday with Her friends Elise and Blaire it wasn’t a big party she didn’t like the attention. It was 7:10 and her friends were still not there. She started to worry. She sent them a text, but no reply. She was officially 18. She wasn’t in the best mood after friends ditched her. She always thought powerball tickets were stupid but that night she decided to buy one. She ran into seth as she was coming out of the store. They started talking, but then seth goes over to her car and writes something. She doesn’t know what it was but she just wanted to go home. Maddies widow read “Happy birthday Madeleine read that like the french men (I’m trying to rhyme.) I’ll see you soon. At the place we call the zoo… n. (Almost worked) This made her happy something she had not been in a long time. She was going through her laundry to try and find her powerball ticket. She got it and ran up her stars straight to her computer. It took her a moment but the numbers on the computer where the numbers on her ticket. She won the lottery! Everything in her life has changed. She ran downstairs to tell her family. Everyone was super happy. No more money troubles, no more worrying about college funds. Her life has changed. Maddies hadn’t seen her mom and dad fight in a while, this made her feel good. That night at diner Maddie’s spoke up and said “I’m giving you all 1 million dollars. Everyone was so happy the all cheers. They hadn’t had a family dinner this happy in a long time. Maddie took the day off school, her friends were texting her “where are you?”, and “sorry we didn’t make it to your party.” When she went to school the next day she felt weird because of her win she thought everyone would be saying congrats on your in and stuff, but I guess they hadn’t heard yet. A couple of weeks later everyone knew about Maddie’s win. She didn’t like the attention. Everyone was asking her for money and she didn’t know who she could trust anymore. She got into a fight with her friends because some of them talked to a reporter and made her look bad. The collage she dreamed of going to saw the article and she didn’t get in. Some of her other friends are calling her niev because she is giving people money. Meanwhile her and seth were doing great he even asked her out. She liked having a friends/ boyfriend who didn’t know about her lottery win. Everything was going great between them until she found out seth knew about her win the whole time. Everything in her life had collapsed. Even her parents started fighting again, and her brother was making some bad choices. She just wishing she could control people, but she cant. She needed to fix everything. She made up with her friends Blaire for calling her niev but was still mad at Elis for talking to that reporter. She Talked too a Financial adviser about her money and figured out what she was going to spend a day, collage funds, and everything she will need in life. The next thing she needed to do was help Beau and get things figured out with him. Which she did. The next thing she needed to do was talk to Seth. She told him how she was feeling and they made up. Maddie could trust him and herself. Maddie got really happy because seth got a scholarship which meant he didn’t have to pay for college. They were finally back together and, they were in love. They said so with a kiss.