Life a way to appropriately and meticulously address death,

Life seems to be at a cruising speed and all of a sudden, we face a major roadblock. This impossible to anticipate and unforeseen twist of fate turns our life upside down. Life which in many instances can be filled with excitement, love, happiness, and joy can be put in reverse by a blindsighted event. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning ready to start a new day unless death gets in the way. In Karl Shapiro’s poem “Auto Wreck,” he illustrates the irrationality of life for it can be taken away at any given time, without warning, for no rational reason. The author successfully explores a compelling theme that can be related to recent world events while using effective literary techniques.Theme : The abruptness of life’s last downfallIt is hardly possible to appropriately convey the theme of death in a well thought out way. However, Karl Shapiro does it in such a way to appropriately and meticulously address death, as it takes place as the main theme of his composition. The sinister and dark aspect of it is immersed in the text in a subtle approach that doesn’t make it too shocking nor revolting for the reader to interpret. While exploring the irrationality and implausible side of car crashes, the author compares accidents to other patterns of death that turn out to be far more coherent and comprehensible, like illness and war. The author also explores the outlookers’ view that wind up to be just as helpless.Media connection : WarLeaving automobile wrecks for final analysis, the poem finishes by listing causes of death that are far easily explainable than a car crashes. The subject of war was mentioned among that list. It was evident to make the connection with the United States preparing for war with North Korea, as it exactly portrays how armed conflicts are far less erratic than car crashes. Indeed, the US military is surreptitiously getting ready for possible military conflicts with North Korea. It is in the American tradition to strategically plan ahead of time to never get caught off guard, which is exactly what Karl Shapiro is trying to state by contrasting car crashes’ unpredictability and war’s expectedness.Literary techniques : ImageryThrough his use of vivid imagery, the author immerses his readers into this rather terrifying world of unpredictable victimization. Shapiro effectively brings the car accident to life and paints a portrait in the minds of the readers. This altogether gives for fairly real and rational yet abstract outcome. As in the case of the lines “And down the dark one ruby flare Pulsing out red light like an artery”, Shapiro contrasts the red lights of the ambulance to the rhythmical throbbing of an artery to display the simile of a heart.Conclusion”Auto Wreck” is an evocative composition that allows readers to enter the bystanders’ world of a terrible mishap. Few writers have the capacity to address the matter of death, a compelling theme that can be related to recent world events, in an agile way. Such is the case with Karl Shapiro’s poem. He meticulously engages the reader by applying a particular use of imagery that allows a different outlook and sensation on the car crash. In conclusion, we retain from the poem that the world of “Auto Wreck” is a raw version of death, where it is impossible to anticipate, and difficult to stop. There is no time for last goodbyes or final wishes, all goes dark no warning, no time left.