Let understand that being friendly and polite will make

Let me start by congratulating
each one of you for the completion of 20th year of our
establishment. 20 years of hard work, efforts, dedication and passion have
resulted in making Trivitron a company of great repute. Today, we are a
multicultural organization with Indian values of Unity and Diversity……A company
which has imbibed Equality and Fairness from our Finnish counterparts………Our
Turkish friends made us understand that being friendly and polite will make us
a better team and harmony and development is something which we have learned
from our neighbors (Emiratis) ……


Our personal values express
the core of our individuality and the values of our organization define the
culture and ideology the company believes in. The values what we believed 20
years back still hold us together and it’s our moral responsibility to make
sure that our core values are safeguarded and are rightly passed to the new
members joining us.

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Every Trivitronian need to:


honesty, fairness and openness in all our interactions…..
Give 100% commitment
for doing what is right for our customers………
Have an ability
to do what is right even when you don’t feel like doing it……..
Participate as
an active and contributing member of a team to achieve team goals……
Stand  up for what you believe in and go the
extra mile in all activity…..
Never be
satisfied with what he has achieved and constantly keep improving …….>>



Integrity / Customer Centric / Self – discipline / Team work / Passion
and determination / Continuous Improvement……………..OUR CORE VALUES.


Every Trivitronian need to imbibe these values and our every action
should be seen as an extension of our value system. Our success of last 20
years is the outcome of our core value system which need to be cherished,
celebrated and nurtured. Our TCV (Trivitron Core Values) should become our
identity and the essence of our company’s philosophy should revolve around our