Learning taken in the team meetings. The best ideas

Learning outcome 6: Lead or participate
collaboratively in teams


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The engineers can do better performance in any company
when they will regularly visit their office and take part in the team meetings.
This is because the needs of the customers tend to change from time to time.
Sometimes, the engineers have to make new roads for the common public so that
the congestion of roads can be lowered a bit. The less number of traffic jams
can lessen the number of accidents too. By going regularly to the office, an
engineer would be able to take part in the teams actively (Dada and Jagboro, 2015, p.78). By using the social as well as communication skills,
the engineers can put forward their views, opinions, and ideas on any issue,
assignment while working in the team.

Collaboration is needed when the best engineers of a
company are working together on the building of a home, hotel, and bungalow and
so on. A section of group members do the inspection of the construction site,
how the significant resources can be gathered from the different suppliers,
vendors. Another section of the group members test the number of products and
find out that which products can be used in creating a home, hotel. All the
important decisions in the team are taken in the team meetings. The best ideas
can come up in the team meetings when every engineer will know how to solve an
issue or project in the best way. 

So what?

The engineers don’t get success in their work alone.
The engineers are often seen leading many teams under their guidance so that
the team members can learn how to learn how to complete the engineering
projects on time. Even the commercial buildings, residential places, homes,
roads are made by the engineers by keeping in mind the ethics and legal rules.
The engineer helps their peers to learn more about engineering jobs. The engineers
help their team members to know how to respect the other team members so that
every member can work together as a team without any problem (Young et al.
2015, p.1).

An engineer should give those responsibilities to
their peers which they can do on the basis of their strengths and weaknesses.
The more the professionals will understand the value, strengths of the team
members while dividing work, the better projects can be done together in a
productive way. Jealousy cannot hinder the teamwork when any organization will
set a common goal to achieve.

Learning outcome 7: Demonstrate critical
self-review, self-management, and life-long learning 


From this assignment, I have gained a lot of knowledge
about the career of engineers. Even the way the engineers have to do planning,
interpret the drawings of the customers so that they can fulfill the demands of
the customers in a right manner. I have learned the importance of research from
this study. The way the engineers do their research work before each work can
make any work, assignment successful. The importance is teamwork and the
effects of workings effectively in the team are something that will help me in
the long run. I have learned from the study that how communication skills can
impact on the professional lives in a positive way. Even how the employers give
good jobs to the employees on the basis of social, communication skills are the
things that I have learned from the study. The importance of understanding
technical language and the ways to interpret it easily are one of the
significant things that I have learned from this assignment. The significance
of having a good resume is mentioned in the assignment and this thing will help
me to make my resume in the years to come.

So what?

From the assignment, I have learned a lot about the
ways of managing time. The engineers do the research, planning, collect the
information about any assignment which is bound to be completed in a certain
time. The team meetings which an engineer does for the company to complete the
construction of every building, home, shopping mall and so on has a certain
time limit. This shows that in the professional world the engineers do follow
time and plan accordingly to do their given tasks. Through these things, I have
learned that how managing time can be beneficial for the career.

What else?

I have
decided to choose the field of engineering as it has more scope for me to grow
in the professional world. Based on roles and responsibilities of
engineering, I have gained a
lot of information about the value of communication, social skills. That’s’ why
I will try to hone my communication as well as social skills so that in future,
I can get better job opportunities. Along with that, I come to know about from
the assignment, the ways of working in a team. This will help in the long run
to work in a team. Then, I have learned that how the abilities to gather
information about anything can help the engineers to do their work. This
learning will help me to gather information about any assignment that I will
get from my employer.