Last associated by 8% lower risk of coronary heart

but not least, the consumption of dairy products helps to promote the lower risk
of cardiovascular disease. The meta-analysis carried out by O’sullivan et al. show
that there is no indication of dairy products being associate with the increase
of cardiovascular mortality (O’Sullivan et al.,2013 as cited in Thorning et
al., 2016). Another study review by Huth et al. concluded that most studies
report that there is no association between dairy consumption and the increase risk
of cardiovascular disease (Huth et al., 2012 as cited in Seorge Rozenberg et
al.,2015). However, in the latest study by Qin et al. via meta analysis found
that the cosumption of dairy products lower the risk of cardiovascular disease
by 12% (Qin et al., 2015 as cited in Thorning et al., 2016). In a slight
different view, Thorning
et al., (2016) stated “the high intake of cheese was associated by 8% lower
risk of coronary heart disease” (p.3). Initially, we can conclude that the
studies show there is no correlation between dairy products and the risk of
cardiovascular disease but the recent studies proved that the consumption of
dairy product reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

the intake of dairy products did not increase the risk of diabetes specifically
on type 2 diabetes. Dairy intake and milk have showed slight benefits or no effect
on the risk of diabetes (Thorning et al., 2016). This is supported by another
study that reported that there is an inverse association between dairy and
yogurt intake and the risk of diabetes although there is no association with
the milk intake (Thorning et al., 2016). Whey protein such as milk and yogurt
are reported to reduce the the postprandial plasma glucose concentration in
type 2 diabetic patients (Frid et al.,2005 as cited in Thorning et al.2016). However,
a study done by Guash Ferre M. et al. (2017) concluded that cheese and butter
intake increase the risk of type 2 diabetes but the intake of whole fat yogurt
was associated with the low risk of type 2 diabetes. In conclusion, dairy
intake does not necessarily increase the risk of of type 2 diabetes as it gives
more benefits than bad effects but it also helps to reduce the risk of

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