Language:The characterized as simple in understanding and use but

Language:The language had passed several stages before and after the battle, The language was generally in old English It is made up of several dialects or languages. This language was composed of a group of Germanic tribes and was called “Anglo-Saxon” and is considered the beginning of the English language and used in England. The language was characterized as simple in understanding and use but nowadays complex. In the second stage in the middle English language began with the Norman invasion, not England coming from France and influenced by Norwegian. And began to be influenced by the English language and suffer because of the invasion of Normandy and became the French and blended language and other Latin is the official language of the country and the Church. As for the Battle of Hastings it is one of the battles that changed English in general in England. And we must know before we touch the language in the battle I French was used by the rich classes and the government either the Latin Mint is used by the clergy and the church either English was for working and poor classes. As time went by, some words were integrated into these languages and the nobles and clergymen used this language. And the return to the importance of language in the battle I Normans spoke in different languages and their rule was not england time is the main reason not to merge the two languages and the other reason all the rich classes that were speaking English were killed and became the French language is the main.The Aftermath of the Battle Of Hastings Of changes: In the beginning, we will talk about some of the changes that took place after the battle in language and society. At first, French and Latin became the most important language after the Norman invasion. French was used by nobles. English was for the poor and the working class. The other reason is one of the important cultural changes was the spread of French names and names of people are similar to Norman and their names like William. The reason for the change in language in that middle English period was due to the two battles, the first Norman conquest and the Battle of Hastings. The agricultural lands were distributed on the side of the sea, not nobles and feudalists. And one of the most important works in that period is that painting made of wool and is the source of historical information about the invasion of Normandy and this work was talking about all details of the battle, so he talked about the number of personalities 1500 person