Knowing narrative or do not have one fashioned for

  Knowing the truth, seeing the truth but still have the ability to
believe in the lies ahead of you. “Those who have not mastered the art of
entertainment, who fail to create a narrative or do not have one fashioned for
them by their handlers, are ignored. They are “Unreal””. Being stuck in a
“fantasy world isn’t good and this fantasy world is affecting a lot of people
in the world today. It is time that as a race of strong, “astute” human beings
become Immoderate as one.  It is time for change!

Togetherness starts with everybody being on one accord. Trump’s
vision for America was to make it great again. One of his key points was to
“cut taxes, and make the rich pay more than the poor and middle class to help
boost the economy”. All of this is a huge lie; since Trump has been in the
chair he has literally done nothing to help the tax situation in America. On
top of all things he’s been trying to cut off benefits for less fortunate
people and families. This is not making America great, it’s being inadequate.

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Trump had the audacity to disrespect the family of a fallen soldier who had
died with his comrades the day of Oct. 4th, in Niger previously this
year. After being asked by Congress why didn’t he responds to the situation and
reach out to the families. Trump goes on to say “I’ve
written them personal letters”.  As he
continued, his response got less clear. “They’ve been sent, or they’re going
out tonight, but they were written during the weekend,”. Then came a
promise of more lies. After Mr. Trump dug this hole he had the audacity to call
one of the soldiers wife and family to personally tell them “he knew what he
signed up for” in the middle of a pathetic apology for their lost.

Trump lied the whole way into becoming the
president. Every promise he made hasn’t been true and plus there are
allegations on him cheating to win the election. Not only did he lie to the
country he lied on other candidates to get all of the attention to himself.
Trump is not a good example of a president and he fits the Politician artifice
topic perfectly. You shouldn’t believe in someone who has high hope in almost
insane situations such as building a wall to keep Mexicans out and making their
own people pay for it. This is the exact reason why you shouldn’t believe in
everything politicians say they’re going to do for us. It is time for people to
take time to actually sit and think about the promises politicians make. Stop
getting your hopes up for something that is “unreal”. If you have e feeling
that maybe this isn’t true and how are they going to pull all of this off? Then
don’t believe in it.