Just flambeaux as I was walking down the staircase.

Just image what it would be like to be bricked up by your good friend. How would I know that I would get tricked and then get bricked up by my friend Montresor?  Montresor which is my best friend tricks me by walking down through a scary place, bricking me up and makes me suffer. Montresor told me that he needs someone to taste the wine that he has downstairs. He was going to ask Luchesi but I told him that Luchesi doesn’t know what’s the difference between Amontillado and Sherry. He asked  me if I wanted flambeaux as I was walking down the staircase. I took the wine and he took some too. As I walk down the staircase I started to feel miserable, coughing nonstop. He told me that we should go back because my health was really bad shape but I wanted to go further and see this pipe. I felt horrible and I thought I wouldn’t die because of some cough. I wanted to see this wine pipe whether I’m sick or not.  As I walk Past the wall, I could see skeletons piling up on each wall like I was in catacombs. I drank the Medoc that he gave me. One after one I drink it feeling very miserable but it was so good. I started laughing for some random mysterious reason and I tip the bottle and all the fluid came out. As I stroll in the tunnel I could see like human bones everywhere. As I am drunk I could not do much, see much or do anything but a minute later I was chained up by Montresor. As I am half drunk I could see him bricking me up one by one. I don’t know what was going on but I thought it was a joke so I started laughing and having a good time. When he bricked me up for the 5th tier I was getting worried. Maybe this wasn’t a joke, maybe it serious. I moved the chain back and forth trying to escape but it was no good. I scream loudly for several minutes but no one can hear because I was so far down tunnel. I stopped, trying to think what was going on. I was so zany that I should of went back when I was feeling horrible. As he stacks brick by brick I could see myself dying in this place all alone. When he bricked the last row up and left one brick in the middle to see me, I was worried. At this point I knew it wasn’t a joke. I was going to die. He put the torch between me and the brick so I can not only die but watching myself suffering and die. As he put the last brick in I stared at him and he look at me. A minute later he was gone. The only thing I could see was the shadow of me from the torch. Nothing to do but chained up and slowly dying from starvation. Later on I passed away. My soul and spirit were gone but my body is still chained behind the brick. In conclusion my life became horrible. I was rich and wealthy but I made a horrible decision to follow him. I watch myself suffer behind the bricked wall. I wish this never happens to me or to anyone else. I was foolish of myself.  My friend Montressor is a horrible friend because he tricked me, bricked me and made me suffer.