John was land and opportunity. Texas annexation which had

John Louis O’Sullivan believed that it was the “God-given
mission of the United States to lead the world in the peaceful transition to
democracy” (American Yawp). This ambiguous belief which was named manifest
destiny dated back to the establishment of the United states. The central idea
being that, it was Americans destiny to progress economically and politically
and spread democracy encouraging many to move westward of the Mississippi
river. Religion and opportunity were some motivations for Americans migration
and like every action there were consequences.

idea that Americans believe it was their destiny to expand westward shows the religious
aspect that motivated them, their religious motivation allowed justification in
their “moral claim to hemispheric leadership.” (American Yawp) Along with
religion was land and opportunity. Texas annexation which had been ignored
since 1836 was reignited which threatened war with Mexico. But the need for
that lad to fulfil expansion led to war and a treaty that was signed in 1848.

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Two years after the war started. The U.S. desire for good fertile farmland as
well as opportunity to be rich contributed greatly to their move. In 1829, Gold
was found in Georgia which only strengthened Americans resolved and was further
fortified during the California Gold rush. The disclosure of Gold heartened
many western settlers to own land in the west and get rich. According to the
American yawp, “…San Francisco whose population grew from about 500 in 1848 to
almost 50,000 by 1853.”

westward expansion of the United States benefited them and also brought about
various consequences. One of the notable consequences was the Mexican-American
war. The war gave United states a portion of Mexico’s territory and allowed the
path for the U.S to become a world power. The acquisition of these territories
brought about the question of slavery and whether or not it should be extended
to the new territories that have been acquired. The compromise of 1850 was
created as an effort to avoid the slavery crisis but this politicized Slavery
more. Finally, Manifest destiny disrupted the traditional ways of life of both
the migrants and the natives. Native Americans were moved out of their land and
forced on a journey (the trail of tears) which killed many of the natives.

United states westward expansion benefitted them but also uncovered the
shortcomings of the American system. The Mexican American war, Native Americans
suffering and exploitation, as well as growing disputes and tension over
slavery within the U.S were all consequences of the Manifest Destiny. An idea
for domination motivated by possible opportunities to be rich as well as