John at various aspects of modern life and politics.

 John Holcroft is a British artist. He is famous for his retro-style satirical illustrations based on advertisements from the 50’s. His illustrations denounce our social behavior , our dependence on  social networks, smartphones… “My self promotional work gives me a chance to experiment with my style and poke fun at various aspects of modern life and politics. Keeping my style original and fresh is never ending as I’m constantly looking for new ways to show my style off to it’s full potential”, by John Holcroft. Over the past 20 years John Holcroft has worked with some of the biggest media names from all over the world, he is in great demand to cover some magazines such as BBC, Financial Times, Walker books, The Guardian, The Economist, Experian, and many more. 

  Here is an example of the beautiful series of John Holcroft’s satirical illustrations. The picture that I choose has no particular name. This illustration says so much about the world we live in. What is great in John Holcroft’s works is that his satire is original , as a matter of fact, satire often takes the form of literature but in John Holcroft’s case the satire takes a graphic form.
For John Holcroft, satire is used to highlight and mock the shortcomings and wrong doings of  individuals, companies, governments or society itself. This illustration comments on Facebook and the dependency on social networks. This illustrations is brilliantly true about the society we live in.  

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  With this illustration we are wondering what is going to happen to literature. We can see that the book is engraved with the word “literature” and has taken the form of a coffin and sealed by nails in which there are social networks symbols such as the facebook , google, Pinterest, twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Tumblr logo. John Holcroft shows us through this illustration that  the future of literature is in danger and the cause of its disappearance is the dependence on social networks. Nowadays, because of  the development of new technologies, literature is put aside. We are burying literature because of the dependence on social networks. Our knowledge, our culture is  also endangered. The vintage style reinforces  the pejorative side to the illustration. This raises an important question… Is there a future for literature?  
  John Holcroft has mastered the art of satire in our society with his vintage style. his images quickly became viral and were shared on the web. This sort of image can raise people’s awareness about the blind reality of the world in which we live in.He is often call out by medias when it comes to hit where it hurts.