J.W. growth, but in the film, the group is

J.W. Eagan once said, “Never judge the book by the movie.”  When asking whether to read the book or watch the movie, there are many factors to take into consideration. Books are more descriptive. There is no doubt that the book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, is a hundred times better than the movie, because of character, set-up, and plot. The book has so many more details than the movie, such as supporting characters. Supporting characters help the main character grow and learn. In the book, Scout has an aunt, Alexandra, who is a thorn in her side. Aunt Alexandra is always trying to make Scout more ladylike. Another character is, Mrs. Dubose. Although she is in the film, the audience does not get to understand her. In the book, Scout and Jem learn from Mrs. Dubose and her story, which they learn to not judge people from the outside because they do not know what they are going through. In the book, Mrs. Dubose shows the theme that good and evil coexist in all people. The book allows the reader’s imagination roam free. When reading the book, the reader is directing their own movie in their mind. While watching the movie, the setting, characters, and the plot is all laid out for the watchers, there is not much thought process occurring. Readers may interpret many different things as to what the author means by his words. When a movie is not directed by the author, the audience does not see the authors thoughts, they see what the director’s interpretation is. Even though books are more detailed, everyone can understand things differently and have their own perspective on topics. The point of view of the book and movie are also different. In the book, readers are able to understand that Scout is narrating the entire time. In the film, there are times where Scout is nowhere to be seen, the audience sees the film sometimes in first or third person. In the book, Aunt Alexandra has a group over at the house and Scout learns things which are critical for her growth, but in the film, the group is not there so the audience does not see her grow. The movie is just a summary of the book, it contains the main details and events, but does not include many crucial small events. Those events are missing from the movie, but in the book, it helps the reader see and understand Scout’s coming of age. The book is better than the film, because it contains more supporting characters, gives freedom of imagination, and has a more detailed plot.