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I’ve heard lots of owners say this. “My business doesn’t need SEO” Sure, it’s true that you can do this without SEO.  However, only if you’re:1) The most authoritative site in your industry OR2) The most popular brand in your nicheAre you one of these two?Unless you don’t belong to any one of the above two statements,  you do need SEO for your website.People have so many misconceptions about SEO and one of the biggest ones is that not every company needs it.Let’s check the #1 reason on my list:SEO is not a cost but an investment!Once business owners truly understand this statement their opinion about SEO will change entirely.It should be considered an INVESTMENT with a high return.For any commercial keyword you’re not ranking on page 1 you’re literally leaving money on the table.It’s getting even worse.This is money that your competition is STEALING FROM YOU.Did you know top 3 positions in Google get over 50% of all organic clicks?Average overall Click through Rate on Page 1 of Search ResultsPage 1 Average Result 1                    29.6%Page 1 Average Result 2                    13.1%Page 1 Average Result 3                    9.2%Page 1 Average Result 4                    6.5%Page 1 Average Result 5                    4.9%Page 1 Average Result 6                    3.6%Page 1 Average Result 7                    3.0%Page 1 Average Result 8                    2.6%Page 1 Average Result 9                    2.2%Page 1 Average Result 10                  2.1%If you rank there you will skyrocket your:* Traffic* Conversions* SalesSEO can help EVERY business but only a few companies will reap all the benefits!And by few, I mean the HANDFUL of them.Best SEO Company can get your site on #Google’s first page.How did SEO work for you?Did it work? Did it fail? Did you even try it?Either way, 2018 is a great year to start or turn the tables.