“Its of enthusiasm here in finding a cure” (Spears


 “Its time to find cure for the bee population “an
article written by Tom Spears, a member of the Ottawa Citizen’s board. On this
article Tom shows that about ¼ of the vegetables and fruits that we eat daily
are provided by honeybees and that they are one of the source of pollination.
Unfortunately, we lose about one third of these honeybees every winter only in
Ontario. This loss is known as “winter colony mortality”. There is also another
main reason for loss of these bees which is a parasite known as varroa mite.
This parasite causes the bees to weaken by sucking their blood and the bees are
not able to pull off and this causes the disease varroosis. There are many reasons
that leads to the death of bees, which differ from country to country, for
example climate change, and food availability but the parasite varroa mite one
is one problem that exist in most of these countries. The take home message
that I got from this article is when Spears mentioned, “for a province with
Ontario’s agricultural base, there’s surprisingly little sign of enthusiasm here
in finding a cure” (Spears 2010).  This
line explains that the bees are really endangered species even though everyone is
aware of this but nobody seems to be taking any action. He is clearly trying to
let the world know and encourage others to research and find cure for this

Question: what discoveries has been
done and is there any research currently being done to find a cure?

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In the past decades there has been
billions of bees disappeared around the world where they were supposed
to pollinate, but deserted. Unfortunately, there has been limited success for
the treatment of these disease due to the fact that varroa mite and varroosis
are highly resistant to antibiotics. However, some studies have shown promising
discoveries in managing of the varroa mite. Al Toufailia . (2016) discovered that one very effective way to manage varrora
mite is to apply oxalic acid through sublimation in brood less honeybees during
winter. This also does not harm the bee colonies.  This has been tested many times and the
results been success from varora mite mortality rate of 84% to 90%  (Al Toufailia 2015). There also has been other
eco- friendly stuff tested such as formulations of cow urine, ajwain, neem leaf
powder, and jatropha leaf powder which can decrease varroa mite infestations in
treated bee colonies without dangerously effecting the bee activities. (Deosi . 2016). This problem is very serious
and should be a major concern for everyone. Bees are very important to our
environment and if they are gone we won’t have sweet honey meals.


Spears explains the many factors that are effecting bee population, but varrora
mite is one of the main causes. Clearly the author was trying to show the
importance of finding a cure for varrora mite and encourage others as well to
research. The primary journal articles also conveyed the same message and the
importance of finding a cure and researchers are working on possibly finding
one. Even though, there has been no exact cure found, but the possible
solutions discovered by the biologists fairly work. Although these solutions
show a lot of possibility but it is clear that finding a cure for this disease
will require a lot of work and huge amount of research which will likely take
years. This line research seems to be successful because its not only
researchers in north America looking for a cure but also those from Asia and
most probably all over the world. (Deosi et al. 2016).
The two journal articles both provided eco-friendly ways to increase mortality
rate of varrora mite, with one of the solutions using oxalic acid and another
solution using cow urine, ajwain, neem leaf powder, and jatropha leaf.

In conclusion, bees are very
important for environment and for human survival and unfortunately their
population are drastically decreasing over time. These Bees are an example of co-operation
or mutualism, meaning each organism benefit from the activity of the other such
as flower/plants. These Plants will not get pollinated and they will end up
dead with no food being produced. There are many reasons that humans depend on
bees, thus finding a cure and saving bees should be a major priority.